Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

May 19

872 Macon St There are bedbugs in this building. The 2nd and 3rd floor

May 18

133 Lefferts Ave Bed bugs found in building again April 2022.

May 13

219 E 17th St Live bed bugs reported in at least 1 unit in mid-May and

May 12

2101 Westbury Ct My apartment had a previous bed bug infestation that I

May 10

1998 Broadway Don't know for sure but I went to see a movie at the IMAX

May 01

379 Eastern Pkwy Starting getting bit February 2022, then found them in

April 30

51 E 17th St Lived in unit over 5years. First saw bed bugs in apartment

April 26

233 E 89th St If you like to be bitten by bed bugs move here

233 E 89th St bed bugs galore

April 02

834 Park Pl After living in this apartment for 6 months I started to ge

42nd St This is a report fro THE POD, 42nd. St; the corner of 42nd and

March 02

768 Nostrand Ave After signing our lease to move into this apartment we