Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

May 29

80 Clarkson Ave Bedbug found in apartment

May 26

188 Suydam St Found 2 live bedbugs crawling across my desk at night and

May 25

20 Bogardus Pl I have lived in this address for 10 years. Currently 12

May 20

424 West End Ave Bed Bugs

May 08

25-21 23rd St Bed bugs found in apartment #15

May 03

216 W 100th St Lived here two years and had bedbugs twice!! The managem

May 01

421 Marcus Garvey Blvd December2019 First notice of small infestion in

April 30

1782 Bay Ridge Pkwy Since 2004 til recent. This building is infested wi

April 26

133 Lefferts Ave Bedbugs in multiple units in the building. Jan - June

April 14

322 W 11th St Our unit on the 6th floor had bedbugs as well as a unit o

March 31

864 60th St Found bedbugs in this multi-unit building and after getting

March 21

237 N Henry St 237A North Henry Street. Bedbugs in apt #2 in May of 201

March 13

42 Sutton St In 2015, Esquire Exterminating Services were hired to deal

March 10

250 E Houston St We had bed bugs in our apartment and our building mana

March 09

1042 Bergen St Our apartment experienced an infestation recently. We re

March 03

236 W 16th St bedbugs 3c and 3d February 2020 returned March 3 2020. No

21 Convent Ave Bedbugs! Pretty sure they are traveling from apt to apt

March 02

8501 Fort Hamilton Pkwy Started getting bit shortly after I moved into

February 27

2581 36th St This is for 2581 36th Street in Astoria. I moved into a be

February 23

544 W 50th St Horrible bed bug infestation. Landlord finally sent compa

February 17

30 Clinton St While I was in contract, co-op board forced me to sign do

February 16

206 Quentin Rd Moved in and 2 weeks later had a bed bug crawling around

February 15

280 Ashland Pl Not my personal experience, but spotted on Google review

February 12

7019 67th Pl Bedbug infestation found in Apartment #1, ground floor. O

February 11

72nd Dr I’ve got bedbugs since August 2019. We are now on February 20

February 10

626 1st Ave Bedbugs in the American Copper West building

February 07

La Quinta Inn Queens (New York City) In November of 2018 my wife, her n

February 03

2126 Newtown Ave 2/2/2020 I found that my extra room has bedbugs in the