Murray Hill East Suites
149 E 39th St
New York, NY

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Did not find any bedbugs. Did have a restless night sleep and now have an infestation at home. I can not link this problem to this hotel. Worrysome thou...
Spring 2012

We were at this hotel in July 2011. I had seen the bed bug reports were positive in 2010 but nothing later than that date. We checked everything thoroughly. No bed bugs, no bites. We are staying there again June 7th for the weekend. I am expecting the same but will let you know.

I stayed at this hotel on the night of January 20, 2011 on the 5th floor - room 506. Having been alerted to the increasing problem with bugs, I checked the bed and all of the sheet area before unpacking. I fund no bugs-- but my stay was short.

We stayed at Murray Hill East Suites for three nights, January 8th through 10th. Because we saw the report of beds bugs present after we had already prepaid and it was too late to cancel we checked our room extremely carefully. There was no evidence of bedbugs in our room. No bites, no problems.

I am writing to report that the Murray Hill East Suites (149 E 39th St, New York, NY ) hotel has bed bugs. Our company had a client stay at the hotel for 4 nights and while he was there he saw bed bugs in the trash can in his room. Not realizing they were bed bugs (and thinking that the bites on his body were spider bites) he didn’t report it at the time. Once he ended up back home and opened his suitcase he could see the bugs crawling. He then googled bed bugs and realized that these were the

bugs in his hotel room as well. The hotel has been notified but would not admit to the problem or refund the stay. This hotel should be marked as having bed bugs on your website. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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