Recent Bed Bug Reports Nationwide

July 02

286 Eastern Pkwy We had a minor bed bug problem in April, had two full

257 Lisgar St Found mature bugs in my bed and couch 6th floor

July 01

3210 Avenue Forest Hill In mid April 2020 I was bitten twice close to e

260 Goodwin Crest Dr Skyland Village at Red Mountain is an independent

949 Columbus Ave Multiple apartments in this building had bedbugs in 20

618 Evans Ave This place is infested with bed bugs and the landlord dos

June 30

30 Denton Ave Had a bed bug issue here since November 2018 and continue

1411 Rue Du Fort I haven't found any bed bugs, but there have been a lo

Super 8-Mason I stayed here last night 6/29/2020. This morning I saw a

75 Hawthorne St This is a large, 6-floor apartment building that appear

18 E 21st St Bed bug infestation in multiple apartment units in May 201

June 29

Carolina Motel Found two adult bed bugs on the bed of the small cabin.

707 Dovercourt Rd Currently there are two units on the ground floor who

Holiday Inn Columbus I woke up the next morning and discover bug bites

15 Walmer Rd I lived here for the last 2 years and I havent seen or had

Travelodge Augusta Ga Found 1 large adult bed bug in bed. Didn't look f

99 Dowling Ave The building has cockroaches, mice and bed bugs. The sup

June 28

266 Glenholme Ave Massive amounts of bedbugs throughout the entire Boar

6 Nivens Ave Bed Bugs- Land lady was told by another tenant of the prob

429 Ontario St persisting bed bug problem in 2020

June 26

40 Fountainhead Rd There is definitely a bed bug problem in the buildin

91-5431 Kapolei Pkwy I reported bed bugs on 5/22/20 at the Hampton inn

Days Inn Knoxville Hotel From 6/19/2020 to 6/25/2020 bed bugs have been

Days Inn Knoxville West From 6/19/2020 to 6/25/2020 bed bugs have been

6762 Tower Rd Found a bedbug on a curtain.

June 25

100 Wellesley St E I lived here from 2019 to 2020 and there was a relen

June 24

372 Pritchard Ave I've had bed bugs since before Feb which when I final

1675 Rue Grenet we found bedbugs in our apartment June 22, 2020. I've b

June 23

Red Roof Inn-Pitts N Cranberry I was laying in the bed watching YouTube