Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

August 05

18 Spring Garden Ave Apartment on 7th floor haunted with cockroaches.

August 04

725 Don Mills Rd I first experienced bed bugs about 8 years ago. The pr

August 03

487 Duplex Ave German Cockroaches, centipedes and ants. Got it spray

240 Wellesley St E I like this place pretty much compared to the price.

August 02

20 St Patrick St Bedbugs, cockroaches, silverfish…… This is what yo

July 31

357 Rusholme Rd i live here and despite not bringing things in off the

July 30

Robina Ave I found 1 week ago bedbugs on the boxspring

July 28

2490 St Clair Ave W Mainstay Housing decided to sell our old building,

July 27

245 Dunn Ave 26/07/2021 This building is just horrible! You think the

July 26

701 Eglinton Ave W Dont ever move here - roaches all over the place

750 Morningside Ave Lived here until Fall 2020. Started waking up to in

Massey Sq Currently have bed bugs (July 2021). Entire 2 bedrooms are in

July 25

470 Roncesvalles Ave I lived here in 2015. I lived on the first floor a

3000 Dufferin St Waking up with bites, rashes or other suspicious marks

3000 Dufferin St Property management does not care about the good tenan

July 24

222 Elm St Aug 2020 Lived in a room on the back side of the 222. Had

200 Elm St July 24th Pros: Ok room sizes Allows pets Good location

July 23

1340 Danforth Rd Start at April 2020 in the building. Many units are in