Recent Bed Bug Reports for San Francisco

October 10

1340 Golden Gate Ave I found one crawling on the outside of my jacket,

September 24

3536 Allendale Ave After living at the address for 3 months:I one day f

July 14

201 S 4th St Incident happened on 06/20/2020. I moved in to Colonnade A

June 08

2088 N 1st St Date: Sunday June 6th 2021 Time: 9:30pm PDT Arrived a

May 15

424 Ellis St This building was sold by the those slum lords who allowed

424 Ellis St This building was sold by the those slum lords who allowed

October 23

705 Vallejo St March 2019 One sheet had vivid remains/impression of a

October 10

Marina Inn San Francisco Stayed October 6,2020 when we first got there

September 09

645 Bush St Bed bugs found in apartment end of May, 2020. Exterminat

August 17

Herbert Hotel We stayed at The Herbert Hotel on August 12th and 13th an

April 18

1050 Post St The pest control company (Dewey Pest Control- hired by the

January 31

1000 Sutter St I visited one of the residents in this senior living co

January 28

737 Bush St 737 Bush has a bed bug infestation which has started Early

January 13

Hayes Valley Inn Bed bugs in bed and carpets

December 24

3048 16th St Infested with bed bugs! I am literally getting eaten alive

December 14

Holiday Inn Express Central City Stayed at this hotel, Rm 227, for 3 n

December 04

600 Fell St The bed bugs are still here. Treatments have been initiated

November 02

Cable Car Hotel 11/1/19 Woke up to bed bugs biting me, killed 3, went

October 30

The Warwick San Francisco Got home from a weekend stay and one week lat

October 29

Sir Francis Drake Hotel Stayed at the hotel from Friday 10/25 to Sunday