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My roommate and I moved into 1129 N Jackson St in September 2015. After two months of living here the building gave us bedbugs. We called and left messages for the management multiple times but they never returned our messages and chose to ignore us. Management knew that we had bed bugs and failed to communicate that to us- we didn't find out until we went into the office and demanded an answer. We were expected to wash and clean everything in our apartment in one day and had to take off work in

order to get everything done before the exterminator showed up. To make matters even worse, we were informed that we were responsible for the costs because we signed it in our lease. After asking to see the lease, it turns out that we did not even sign that page. (That page wasn't scanned and e-mailed to us when we signed our lease online.) They claimed we were responsible for signing the official paper lease when we moved in even though we were never informed that we needed to do so. Do not live here!

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I live at 2415 N 36th..bedbugs r so bad and landlord won't do a thing

We have a bed bug infestation..now when our friends and family come over they got into their clothes and now they have them at their houses! we have told our landlord and he refuses to pay to get rid of them..Instead he gives us cheap chemicals that dont work..what can we do..we have been at our house for 4 years..when we first moved in back in 2008 we started to notice them...and now they are everywhere! milwaukee south 31 st

Definitely bed bugs. I think the management company needs to address this issue.

Now What?

After having several suspicious bites all over my body, the management sent up a bug sniffing dog and found NOTHING. They did, however, just spray my apartment for beetles. I'm not convinced that I don't have bed bugs. What should I do?
I have bites on my arms, neck, lets, side and ankles. HELP!

7/11/2011 Juneau Village Towers, has a bed bug issue and more importantly management will not notify immediate neighbors of an issue. It's beyond frustrating to find out that you have bed bugs, it's even worse to find out that they sprayed the apartment directly next to yours the previous week possibly forcing the bed bugs to flee to your apartment (Management does not set your best welfare as a priority). Management would rather act like they do not have an infestation when they have had hoard

ers live in the building that have had over 100,000 bed bugs in the infected apartment. Be very cautious if you plan on moving into JVT and if you do live in JVT be aware of any bites or bed bugs.

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All 3 buildings at Juneau Village Towers are infested, with no end in sight. It's not a matter of if you will get them, it is a matter of when. This is a huge problem, and our management doesn't care. If you want to get bed bugs move in like I did. If you don't, move somewhere else. The bug company does what they can, placing "bandages" on a gaping laceration. In my opinion living here, it is a structual issue, with many possibilities for the bugs to travel. There needs to be a plan of action to

eliminate the problem. I don't know how personally, I'm not an exterminator. If cost is the hold up, that's ridiculous. Think of the cost on tenants lives, and the financial and emotional, stress. And that's not to mention that we are possibly carrying these bugs too, after they are in our personal belongings, to ANYWHERE we go... work, school, our family and friends etc. I believe our "management" is to be held responsible, and a major change needs to be done. Thanks Juneau Village Towers and Katz Management for destroying lives, ours and those beyond these walls.

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It saddens and sickens me to no end to read that renters are still dealing with bedbug problems at the Juneau Village properties - My heart goes out to all of you! I experienced problems with bedbugs at the 1129 address, unit 605C OVER FIVE YEARS AGO!!!
I first started to notice bites all over my body upon waking in May of 2006 - I thought they were mosquito bites as I spend a majority of my free time outdoors, but became concerned by June or July when I would wake up to terribly painful itchy

welts. I thought that there might be spiders in the apartment, so I notified the overpaid robots in the management office. I was not informed at the time of the call - despite the knowledge of the staff - that there was an existing bedbug problem in the building, specifically in the apartments below mine. I returned home to the unit one night to find an invoice (no charge to me, however) from Batzner for "BedBug Treatment". Appalled at the thought of a bedbug infestation, the next morning I marched down to the management office to get information. I was told, in a similar fashion as some of the other reports on this website, that the culprit was "foreign" and lived in filth, and had been evicted and the problem had been addressed. I demanded to be let out of my lease, which - surprisingly - the staff cheerfully agreed to. I was also refunded 100% of my security deposit.
However, I had to throw out my furniture and mattress, as not only was it infested with the bugs and their eggs, but they had been sprayed with a pesticide and smelled horribly of chemicals.
The staff and ownership of Juneau Village properties is not only putting their rental customers at risk by not addressing or even disclosing the information of the infestation, they are also putting the community at risk, as the bugs and their eggs inevitably and unknowingly travel in renters belongings to places of work and to the homes of friends and family members.
The office is staffed with great actresses, apparently compensated enough to over-ride any moral conscience they may have. The time I spent dealing with the bed bugs and their bites was living hell. My sympathies to anyone else dealing with this terrible situation.

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I lived in Juneau Village Towers for the month of October 2010. Shortly after moving in, my roommate and I discovered bed bug bites on our neck and stomach areas. We began to research the history of the place and realized that JVT has an extensive record of bedbug infestations. We vainly attempted to convince ourselves that this could not possibly be happening, but, a week later, I woke up in the middle of the night to find a bedbug crawling on my comforter. After that, my roommate and I called

an exterminator to assess our apartment. He only found one bedbug on my mattress, but said it was only a matter of time before our apartment became infested. I brought the bedbug in a plastic bag to the management office, where it was confirmed that we did, indeed, have bedbugs. It wasn't until then that we were informed of a 'mass infestation' on the floor above us. The girl in the office, whose intelligence and tact is highly questionable, remarked that the 'traveling foreigners' (referring to tenants, not bedbugs, in case you were confused) living in the apartment were the culprits. She also explained that the bedbugs travel between units via the vents. So, although the apartment could be treated temporarily, it was only a matter of time before the bedbugs returned. After that, we demanded that our apartment be treated at no cost and that JVT pay for new mattress encasings. The management was surprisingly extremely cooperative, and allowed us to break our lease and refunded us our security deposit in full. So, while JVT was cooperative with the incident, I believe their compliance existed more as a cover-up strategy than a desire to rid the apartment of the pests. I say this because two weeks after we moved out (during which we treated EVERYTHING-clothes, furniture, etc., HUGE time/money committment), we drove by and noticed that new tenants were living in our unit (you can see the window from the street). I am certain the new tenants were not informed of the issue, especially because we were given no knowledge of the potential threat when we moved in a month earlier.

Essentially, JVT is treating their bed bug cases unit-by-unit to save money and ensure an influx of new tenants. This is not responsible and is creating health and sanitation concerns for all parties involved. If JVT was truly committed to eradicating the problem, the management would systematically evacuate and treat each individual unit and building. However, since that would require a short-term loss of time, resources, and most likely rent-paying tenants, JVT is not taking proper measures and acting irresponsibly. I pity the current tenants living in our old unit, as well as any adjacent units, because they are most certainly going to contract the pests as well.

Cheers, JVT, and thanks for an excellent one-month stay...I wasn't reallyyyy serious when I signed the one year lease, anyway!

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We lived on the 11th floor of 1009 N . Jackson (we just moved out of the state this summer). Our neighbors had a HUGE infestation and few came over to our place. Management didn't compensate us for anything and it was a huge pain to deal with. The neighbors (4 guys illegally living in a studio) did get evicted. The cost to dry clean all my sweaters was over $350 (they couldn't be washed) and JVT/Katz seemed non-plussed. The exterminator told us JVT should have paid for the dry cleaning and the m

attress covers we now keep on our bed but they were less than friendly when we asked for compensation. The girls in the office are rude, inconsiderate and really just don't care about the people living there. As much as we loved the amenities, I don't know that we'd move back there if we return to Milwaukee unless new management takes over and they gut the place. Our neighbor had cockroaches broght in by another neighbor and they never took care of that problem.

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Our neighbor had an infestation of bed bugs and couldn\'t get rid of them. Management did not tell us, and after awhile they spread to our apt. We had to throw away all of our furniture, wash/dry clean everything we owned, and we had to move to another apartment as our neighbor didn\'t seem overly concerned that he couldn\'t get rid of them. After talking to other people on my floor I discovered two other tenants had moved out because of the situation. With that said apartments 905, 904, 903,

and 908 all had bed bugs at is location of Juneau Village Towers. There were also tenants that said the 6th floor and 11th floor had outbreaks. Management did nothing to compensate us and charged us more when we had to change apts!!

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I moved into Juneau Village Towers on July 10th, 2008. I live in the tall building (1009 North Jackson Street). After about 2 months i woke up with rashes and i stripped my mattress and found tons of bed bugs. They were even under the picture frames and in the power outlets, it was fuckin disgusting. After 3 treatments the exterminator stopped coming and the bed bugs are still around.

There are bed bugs in this building!! (1009)
Several floors are effected

Management will not help you or compensate you for your losses- ie new bedding dry cleaning bills or furniture- the only way to get rid of bed bugs is to wash or throw out the infested areas or items


I also recently moved in, July 1st, 2008 and realized I had bedbugs after waking up with bites and finding them under my mattress. I do not travel and management notified me they had been having a bed bug problem after I brought a tin of them down I had caught. Mine were in 1029 N Jackson, Apt. 905A.

I moved into the Juneau Village Towers at 1009 North Jackson Street apartment 307 in Milwaukee Wisconsin on September 1st 2007. Three to four weeks after moving in I began waking up with bite marks that I thought were hives. Unaware of the cause it took me two months to realize I had a bed bug infestation after catching one crawling up the wall. The cause of the infestation is unknown. I do not travel, have not received any new/used furniture, and I have never had a problem in the past. Accordin

g to the exterminator the pests were either there when I moved in, or an adjacent apartment is infested.

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