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Found another one on Jan 15 at 10:50. I've been here a year today actually, I just realized. Apparently my apartment was the epicenter of the outbreak of bed bugs which I just found out about last week.

found another one on 12/29 at 12:50, on my couch. Hopefully these post don't sound too repetitive. I'm documenting every time I find a bed bug and Edgewater's response. In reading these I hope some one doesn't have to deal with this problem.

Found another one on 12/26 at 10pm in a bag, and found another 0n 12/29 at 9.50pm crawling around on my couch. I found them before they bit me. Tomorrow my apartment gets its twice monthly spraying.

Found another one on 12/25 at 12:20am. I'ts been almost a year of me living in this apartment. My apartment has been treated twice by heat and once by gas, and has been sprayed more times then I can count. I'm still catching bed bugs. It's a problem that seems to never go away. The longest reprieve has been 6 weeks, the gas brought 3 weeks. After every treatment, Edgewater tells me that the problem has been solved and I don't have to worry ant more. Every time their proved wrong.
The f

our of the bed bus I caught weeks ago are still alive. Either they survived the spraying or they came from some where else.

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Found another one crawling up my bathroom wall on 12/9 at 9:50. One week and a day since my apartment was treated. Edgewater's scope is to small thus the problem isn't going away.

My apartment just went through the Prozone Blaster system. The following night 12/3 I have either captured or killed 6 bed bugs in 3 1/2 hours. It's not that Edgewater isn't proactive in solving the problem, it's that their scope is too small. My apartment is the only one treated instead of the minimum of the apartments around me and what really should be done is the entire south wing. Until that is done this problem will not go away. Over the course of the week this issue has completely ov

ertaken my life. I have to replace blood stained sheets and completely laundry every piece of cloth in my apartment and know that the problem wont be solved the way it needs to be solved.

Oh and my bed bug sensor still doesn't work but I've given up on that issue.

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Found another four bed bugs on 11/29 at 6am. I still don't get any sleep. Some one is going to spray my apartment and look around for their presence. All of the bugs I have found have been on my bed frame or my mattress, they have to be coming from some where. Edgewater are unwilling to do what is really necessary to solving this problem. They're only approach is the cosmetic one and hope. This problem has been so bad and never ending. This has been a huge disruption to my life. It feel

s like I haven't slept in weeks. What makes it worse is that the company how's job it is to fix this problem look at you like a bunch of slack jawed yokels, who just tell you that this is your problem.

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Found two more on 11/28 at 6am. That brings my two day total to three. It's kept me up all night. Hopefully this will be enough for Edgewater to spring into action. My previous accounts have not. We're still at they stage where they say I'm bringing them in even though this is the only location with bed bugs, and I'm starting to find so many. I just hope this will be enough, I'm very tired.

Found another bed bug on 11/27 at 2:50am. The bugs are getting bolder. I'm not even asleep and they are biting me. I have caught and brought in bed bugs to Edgewater but they still don't have the proof to do anything more than spray. I haven't proved to them that my apartment has a problem.

I just found another bed bug on my couch on 11/20 at 1am. I wasn't even a sleep at the time. I have to wait until Monday to talk to any one. This problem isn't considered an emergency.

I moved in mid Jan 2011. A couple of weeks after moving in I notice what turned out to be bites. I have never dealt with bed bugs before so I didn't know. Just before Memorial day I had a doctors appointment and it turned out to be bed bug bites.
Edgewater had some one spray my apartment and about a week later they heated up my apartment.
About 5-6 weeks later I noticed that I wasn't sleeping well and I had bites. I called Edgewater again. They sprayed my apartment and about a week late

r the heated my apartment again.
In Sept of 2011 I found another bed bug on my back in the middle of the night. I called again to Edgewater and they had somebody spray my apartment. They put a bed bug sensor in my apartment after the first case but by September it stopped working and Edgewater keeps telling me that it is?
I found two more bed bugs in Nov 2011 and brought them to their office. Again they sprayed my apartment.
Now they are telling me that I'm bringing in bed bugs and that it is all my fault.
My next door neighbor was apparently a hoarder and would bring things in off the street. After he moved in an the end of June out his apartment had to be treated before a work crew would enter.
After the second heating of my apartment, any time I call about bed bugs it's meet with disbelief. They all but tell me that I'm lying about bites or they now need proof. I gave them two bed bugs in a jar and now they tell me that I'm bringing them in myself. I've been stonewalled.

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Supposedly, the south side of the building didn't have a problem with bedbugs, but there were large roaches in my apartment during the summer. I've also heard the basement/laundry room is full of them.

I ended up moving for reasons tangentially related to the bedbugs, but the truth of the matter is that this company takes the bedbugs seriously and knows how to deal with them. I moved, but remained with the landlord, and infestation seems to be over.

I moved into the Colonial over a year ago and never had a problem until this week. I'm guessing the spraying is just pushing the bugs to new locations, not getting rid of them. I had a guest over for lunch (middle of the day) and received numerous bites! It started so fast it now looks like I have chicken pox. I had a friend who had a bug problem and the company she was under offered to move her to a different apartment in another building they owned. I will no longer be living there as of Se

pt. 1. I really don't think they are handling it as well as they should, but so much more so than Shoreline.

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I moved into this apartment just as the building was transitioning from Shoreline Real Estate to Edgewater. I was not given any indication that bugs might be an issue in the building but found out once I started getting bites. Edgewater got a raw deal and has been trying to fix the problem but either they're not shelling out enough money or the people they hired can't get the job done because there has been absolutely no improvement, and it actually seems to be getting worse. I moved in at the b

eginning of the year and it's now July.

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I started noticing bites 2/2010. I notified the previous building owner (shoreline real estate) and did not get a good response. They assured me that they were aware of the situation and would be taking care of it. I heard nothing back until mid March. An extermination company came in at that point and heat treated my unit, which seemed to make a day or two worth of difference. I was being bitten again shortly after.The exterminators told me that a unit two floors below had been so incredibly in

fested that it was the worst they'd ever seen. During the next two months i complained numerous times...calling the building manager, shoreline, and the extermination company. I had many issues with exterminators going in my unit unannounced without legal notice, i had furniture damaged by exterminators and i rarely felt that anything being done was actually working. After about 3 "serious" attempts at exterminating the bugs (over a period of 4 1/2 months) i decided that i needed to leave. I couldnt stay at my apt without getting bit, even during daylight hours. i have pictures and a video of live bugs on my brand new furniture which i can no longer keep in fear of them following me. Unfortunatly shoreline sold their property to edgewater real estate, whom had no idea the problem they were inheriting. I do agree however that edgewater is doing a much better job at assessing the problem. I am recently no longer a resisdent due to lack of sleep and bites.

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First noticed bugs around 4/26, and since then, the problem got progressively worse.

Edgewater was responsive and sent out fliers regarding the issue urging residents to speak up and to get the issue treated.

At this point, the third spraying is occurring soon, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The Shoreline Real Estate company failed to disclose bedbugs present in the Colonial apartments, started with one tenant and spread throughout the building with no warning. Only after our apartment was infested and we were getting bit we called and they were aware of the bedbugs problem yet did nothing to warn any tenants. They then sold the building to Edgewater Real Estate who inherited the problem and seem to be doing a much better job taking care of the problem...time will tell.

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