1039 N Cass St
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3375

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Over the two years I lived here I had to battle bed bugs twice. The bugs were originally brought into the building by a tenant who had traveled outside the country. Trouble is, the building management were not at pro-active, spraying only identified apartments and not in a timely manner. The bugs therefore spread out to other apartments, including mine. Because the management never took the initiative to thoroughly treat the whole building, I ended up getting them twice as they made their pi

lgrimage from apartment to apartment.

On both occasions I threw away countless belongings and furniture, spent money on laundry and dry cleaning, alternative housing, and replacing all I had to toss. The management did nothing to acknowledge my situation. After the second infestation I demanded early release from my lease and the full refund of my security deposit. Because of a complete lack of communication from the building owners, I retained a lawyer and moved out. It took about four months but I did eventually get my security deposit.

This was a great building until there was this crisis, and the lack of involvement and compassion from the owners was pathetic. I'm willing to bet there are still bugs in that building. Do not rent here.

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