1007 N Marshall St
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3328

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Bedbug infested mattress was sitting next to garbage dumpster! No plastic over mattress for isolation! Several live bedbugs were crawling on the mattress!!!

I have been getting bitten for several months, but the exterminator who came in said that it was yellow sac spiders - despite the fact that this exterminator had treated other apartments in the same building for bed bugs. I finally saw a bed bug on my bed, the exterminators came back and confirmed it was bed bugs. they did very little extermination and said they would come back once a month for four months. after talking for several days with management, they agreed to super heat treat the apart

ment to kill the bed bugs and eggs. they did not tell me that the unit next door to me had had bed bugs, nor that other units had had them, including as long ago as a year prior.

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bed bugs on my couch, mattress. called the landlord and got the exterminator. now in the process of washing everything. per landlord 4 other flats infected which was never told to us.

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