303 Wisconsin Ave
Sheboygan, WI 53081-4143

Found 2 reports:

Certainly bedbugs on both the upper and lower floors apartments. They arrived with some overseas residents in the upper floor, and took awhile to move downstairs.

As previous person noted, the landlord has tried to be helpful. But I feel his exterminator is clueless on how to handle them.

Just moved into the upstairs apartment and to my horror, found it to be infested with bed bugs! Had an exterminater come and spray twice. I thought they were gone... But low and behold I found three new "nests" this evening. I belive the family downstairs are in denile. They say they are sure they dont have them. But there son showed me some tell tale bites on his neck and arm. The landlord has been really good about trying to get a hold on the situation. But the more I read about these horrific

monsters, the more I'm thinking of looking into getting my belongings fully treated and find a new apt.

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