2000 Rue St-Marc
Montreal, QC H3H 2N9

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Stayed in an AirBnB in this building. Started getting bitten a couple nights into my stay, eventually I saw several bedbugs one night. Kitchen was also full of monitors for cockroaches. Beware!

Bed bugs in the building , one of the neighbors had bed bugs since March and the management didn’t even mention a single word to the other people that lives in the same floor, the management didn’t insist that tenant to be exterminated and finally the bed bugs infested my apartment, did the extermination for 6 times and nothings changed. After going to the office almost every 3 days for two month and the women sits downstairs in the office suddenly remembered that she forgot to tell the tena

nts about this matter. Contacted the company and no one replies to me at any point. she says there’s no way to break the lease, if we want to move we’d have to sublet the lease to someone else. It seriously hurt my mental health and the worst thing is that no one actually gives a fuck about this apartment.

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Been tenant there from April 2017 to December 2019, 15th floor.
The building is full of cockroaches and they are unable to solve the issue.

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