2 Laxton Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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Hey guys,
I am not a tenant and I am glad for it! I looked up this location before moving in and sad to hear all your horrific stories. Since I am not a tenant I cannot really do anything but anyone who is a tenant can complain and its quite easy. Just call 311 in Toronto and you can make a complaint to the city. If there is enough of you then something will be done. Especially the one person who complained about the fire alarm not working. That is illegal and Gordon can get into some serious t


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Oct 11/2014
This place is full of bed bugs. Owner Gordon is in denial . My apartment has been sprayed twice. Do my best to keep everything clean at all times and washed everything. But after a few days to a week, bites start appearing again and able to squash bedbugs every so often. It's very affordable rent but this last few months has been a nightmare. Somebody force Gordon to get the whole building sprayed please. Not for just me but there are many other complaints.

It was a nightmare for 8 months. The landlord left furniture. It was full of bed bugs. Lots of roaches to. The landlord is a VERY rich man Gordon who is o. Site everyday. He denies the existence of the bugs

Long and short:

Met owner Gordon. (Owner of GK & associates)He went on at length how the place was clean, etc and that he will go out of his way to take care of his tennants. Saw the unit, looked clean enough. Perhaps he had just sprayed, because the day I started moving my stuff in, handfuls of roaches began appearing from EVERYWHERE. Under the stove, from under the sink, the closet, the walls....I emailed him, spoke to him and wrote him a letter. No replies.

On top of that, the fire alar

m is broken and the carbon monoxide detector is non-existent.

Do NOT move to two Laxton Ave. Surely sleeping on the street would be more comfortable.

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moved in February. the place looked clean when i moved in, but now looking back, it had probably been sprayed just to prior to me moving in. there was a bunch of dead roaches under the stove which i discovered after a week. after that it all went downhill, when roaches showed up by the fistfuls. but this isn't about roaches, it's about bedbugs. at first i thought i was just being paranoid when i first started itching everywhere. but after the tell-tale bites i started hunting around and found a

total of 5 bedbugs during daylight. but with the amount of bites i was getting, there was probably more. I moved out of there as soon as i could.

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I lived at 2 Laxton. I thought it was a nice gesture that the landlord was including some furniture. (Sofa Bed) I started to get bitten right away. I rented a storage unit and got all my stuff out. I threw out the furniture that was left behind. I suffered like pure hell for 3 months till I moved out. Thank God I did not bring any with me to my new place. Also lots of roaches as well. A real welfare house....

I just moved in about a month ago and after a couple weeks, I noticed many cockroaches were in my kitchen area. I immediately told the land lord who sprayed right away. A week later they returned and I got my place sprayed again. He also has said he had no idea..YA RIGHT. I am going to move out ASAP.

The landlord responded to my complaint regarding cockroaches by having the apartment sprayed. He had other apartments sprayed, too.
I saw bed bugs falling off the "pest-control" guy's boots and cover-alls!!!! Since it's the same guy each time, I sure never asked for a repeat.
I'm disabled, I can't afford a better or bigger apartment. I just have to practise constant vigilance. I've had 2 close calls.

I'm a very clean person. I started noticing the bed bugs. Its awful I cant stand it I'm moving out for sure. I'm upset the building appears to be nice and the location is great! However, I'm not living in these conditions.

Immediately after moving into an apartment on the second floor I discovered that the entire floor was infested with bed bugs and cockroaches. When confronted about the problem, the landlord first denied that there was one, then disingenuously suggested that I had brought the bugs in with me. I moved out right away, but the landlord kept $1100 of the $1400 I had paid him when I had stayed only a few nights.

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