33 Isabella St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Do not move in. You will regret it. following are the issues.

Uncontrollable cockroach problem

The building is under contraction for the last 7 years and remains in contraction for the next 10 years.

Packages are stolen from your doorsteps

Most of the apartment is in bad shapes and things are broken

Apartment floor tiles are coming out.

Do not move in. This review is from a resident who is going to move out ASAP.

Do not move in. You will regret it. following are the issues.

Uncontrollable cockroach problem

The building is under contraction for the last 7 years and remains in contraction for the next 10 years.

Packages are stolen from your doorsteps

Most of the apartment is in bad shapes and things are broken

Apartment floor tiles are coming out.

Do not move in. This review is from a resident who is going to move out ASAP.

I really wish I took this website to heart when we decided to move here in 2014. Looks like they've finally made their way into our apartment and I want to move out. Exterminators are coming but we're sleeping on the floor with sleeping bags for a week. We found bites on our bodies at the start of this week and they are getting worse each night. We've seen them walking around a few time but not even near the bed at all so it's very worrisome. Don't move here!

I have had no issues living here! Management has been on top of my needs, quick to getting things done/repaired. I can't complain.

I have not had any issues with bedbugs or with Management over the last 2 years that I have lived here. I am on the 12th floor. This site is for bedbugs (have or don't have) some people just want to complain for the sake of complaining. Not everyone has the same experience, but I have to say...mine has been a good one here!

Anyone who writes a positive report here for 33 Isabella is most certainly the landlord themselves. this is not an issue of late rent payment. this is an issue of health and safety. the illogical comment that "bedbugs are brought in" is non sensical and does not deal with the issue -33 Isabella is infested with bedbugs. period.

and so what about the roaches -are they brought in as well?





I've been seeing more and more roaches in this building. There is a serious problem here and management isn't doing much about it.


My partner and I started seeing cockroaches in our apartment in the beginning of Spring. It is now August and the problem is worse than ever. Here's a summary of our HELLISH living conditions:

- There is gel bait spread all around the apartment. It looks disgusting and has not helped mitigate the infestation.

- We have sprayed the apartment twice, each time having to empty all kitchen cabinets and having to leave the apartment for hours.

- There is insecticide powder all around the baseboards and corners of the apartment.

- In order to cut out the cockroaches food supply, our garbage can is outside the apartment and all our food is in containers.

- In order to cut their access to water, we dry the water from the kitchen sink, washroom sink and bathtub every night.

- We have six cockroach traps set around the apartment.

- We sleep with the lights on to keep the cockroaches away.


We estimate that in 2015, we have killed more than 300 cockroaches. This can only be explained if THERE ARE SEVERAL THOUSAND COCKROACHES INSIDE THE WHOLE BUILDING! FOR YOUR OWN SAKE, PLEASE DON'T MOVE IN!

The cockroaches are EVERYWHERE! We have even seen some dead ones in the freezer! My partner got woken up by one that was crawling in our bed! They once left several eggs in our dish rack that hatched to release dozens of offspring!

Throughout this crisis, management has done the bare minimum that is required by law. They have set up gel baits and helped spray the apartment, by hiring a cheap pest control company. But all these methods are ineffective with an infestation of this proportions. THEY DON'T CARE.

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DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING, UNLESS YOU LIKE SHARING YOUR LIVING SPACE WITH COCKROACHES. We've been living in this building for three years and never had any complaints with bugs until about three months ago. Started seeing some cockroaches and notified management, who told us to wait until the next pest control visit in the building. Pest control came and put some baits, but that was only the beginning of our struggle. A few weeks later, we got a notice telling us they would do a "preventive

treatment" against cockroaches in the whole building which seemed like a good idea to treat the problem everywhere. Guess what? That didn't change anything. A few "treatments" later, the problem is growing out of control. We are seeing more and more cockroaches with every so-called treatment they perform... STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING.

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i've been living here for almost a year and havent had any problems with bedbugs. I have heard that a few people on my floor (8) have had to be sprayed for bed bugs in the past couple of months.
There's also been an issue with cockroaches on the same floor although i've never seen any either. They sprayed floors 7,8 and 9 a month ago.

I have been living at 33 Isabella Street for almost 5 years now and I have never experienced a problem with bed bugs. I know someone who has in a different building, so I am aware at how hard it is to get rid of the problem. They are worse than cockroaches. He literally had to throw out most of his furniture (as bed bugs live in wood). I have had a few things that needed work on my unit at this building and Cromwell Management has been a pleasure to deal with. Of course if you pay your rent late

you will get a notice of late payment. It is not rocket science. You still need to pay your rent on time as stated in your Tenancy Agreement. I can understand if someone has had a problem or pissed off at management that they would want to write something on a site like this to hurt their reputation (true or not) but does this really make what happened to you become ok?? I think not. If you want to look at reality...bedbugs are everywhere...you can get them from going to the movie theatres, staying in hotels, riding on the subway or a bus. Remember...people bring bedbugs home with them. If you are going to live in an apartment building...you have more chances of something like this happening. You need to do your research and study what they look like and what to do. If you see something and suspect it could be a bedbug, tell management right away. I am almost positive that they treat things like this in the best possible manner. I have many friends that also live in a Cromwell apartment building (different locations) and they love it!

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This is a general review I am making about 33 Isabella st (because it seems all the other reviews about this place have been removed across the internet). The building is owned by Cromwell Management (so that you know to always avoid any building owned by this turd company).

I lived there from 2012-2014. I would say absolutely avoid this place. I'll start with the positives: It is close to Yonge and Bloor, which is nice.

Okay, onto the crap. Security and management is terrible. Homeless pe

ople get into the building all the time and sleep in the stairwell. There was a picture posted on a different website, which showed that the stairs were urine soaked from the homeless people. I once had a homeless guy knock on my door in the morning, and ask me for the time. What the hell is that? Management has done nothing for years about this issue. They have a security camera at the front of the apartment, which is connected to a TV screen at the superintendent's office... but most of the time nobody is watching it (usually there is nobody in the office).

I saw bugs, like crickets, in my room a few times. An exterminator had to go into each room throughout the entire building. I guess this is a common problem with the place.

I lived on the 7th floor, and there was this annoying and loud couple that lived on the floor. Could here their dumbass's across the entire floor at random hours (i.e. 4am), which of course would wake you up. Absolute turds. The guy had a laugh like the hyena's from The Lion King. They also had a dog that would bark excessively any time they were not there. Management did nothing.

One time someone broke the thick glass at the front door.

The elevators are always broken. Of the 3 elevators, there is usually only 1 working... and there are lineups for it all the time.

The god damn FIRE ALARM! It was always going off (sometimes in the early hours). There had to be at least 1 fire alarm per month. Fire fighters were always at the building. There seemed to be something wrong with the fire detection system itself. AND MANAGEMENT NEVER FIXED IT!

The water was always being shut off for repairs! At least once every 2 weeks, they would shut the water down to do some kind of repair (apparently whatever the problem was, they could never get it fixed), and they usually gave us less than 24 hours notice. The notice would say "Water will be shut down from 9-am - 5pm on X day", but it would usually be a lot longer then that. It is absolutely infuriating not having water for an entire day (sometimes many days), and have this happen every few weeks.

When I left, I needed a receipt of the rent payments I made for tax reasons. I called them for this, and they said they would send it to me. They never sent it. I called later, and my calls were ignored. The people at head office are turds. Giant turds.

There was a lot more stuff I wrote on my original review, but I can't remember it now.

Suffice to say: Stay away from 33 Isabella, and stay away from Cromwell Management.

I remember someone calling this "Nightmare on Isabella" on an original review that has since also been taken down.

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i lived at 33 isabella from 1987-2003 in five different apts on five different floors and never heard anything about bedbugs. i now live in City Park co-op since 2003 and got bedbugs in late 2008. I have had them a few times since. I remember a friend told me there was a bedbug problem with City Park back in 2002 or so. 50% of the apts are subsidized ...i've heard a lot of people don't get treated for whatever reason.
I use diatomaceus earth and if bitten i sequester my bedroom after sprayin

g it with anti-bedbug spray and sleep in the living room.( This seems to work. Also mopping the floors with vinegar as the bugs explode on contact with vinegar and other cleaning solutions. U can find a lot of good, inexpensive sprays in aisle 35 of Canadian Tire at yonge and davenport.)
That's good because to have the professionals come in u have to clear everything out of closets and drawers etc. and launder. We do have a bedbug committee now...regular meetings to dispense info.
I enjoyed living at 33 because most of the people worked and minded their own business...unlike the gossipy City Park co-op.

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I heard that bed bugs first numb your skin before they draw blood.
So you DO NOT feel any bite! It is the scratching you feel afterwards.

I have lived at this location for 5 years and NEVER seen one bedbug

if I had read this report before moving I likely would not have moved here and would have missed out on this great apt and location

you cannot believe everything you read on the internet ... sometimes these complaints are written by bitter angry people who have an agenda of their own

33 Isabella is such a wonderful great building
maybe once upon a time it had a bad reputation but the current owners and management are

diligently maintaining the building and I LOVE living there

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Has the bed bug problem gotten any better with the management change? Thanks!

I've been living here for over a year, and i didnt find any problem, this building is really clean and really good to live....Of course, we have to pay the rent at the day that u agreed....It's really good to live here, near everywhere and so close of ttc....no problem with bed bugs at all!!!! :)

BED BUGS AGAIN!!! First time I noticed them with my girlfriend was September 2011, They were on my sheets, on my curtains, on the ceiling against the walls, and in my bedframe...

Management was professional and sent pest control over once my unit was ready... which is such a pain!!!

Wash and dryclean all my clothes, sheets, pillows and blankets $$$, I threw out my new bed frame since I found at least 10 of them hiding in its crevices $$$, bagged my mattress $$$, boxed and bagged my books

, dvds and anything else I would consider them infesting $$$.

If thats not bad enough, they sprinkle dry powder around baseboards, and I had to keep it there for over a month. Its embarrassing if you want to have friends over and they see all your furniture pulled away from walls, and white powder everywhere. That stuff also drys your skin if you come into contact with it.

6 months later, February 2012, my girlfriend is still with me and we noticed that THE BED BUGS ARE BACK!!! I'm in the costly process of preparing my apartment again! According to the maintenance people, there are on average 3 reports of bed bug infestations a month in this building, thats +/-36 a year!!! I kept as many dead ones sealed in a plastic container in case anyone needs proof, also there are a couple blood splats on my ceiling where I squashed them...

otherwise... great building!

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This building at 33 Isabella St, Toronto downtown is a CORRUPT BUILDING!!!. The people who live in there are VERY BITCHY, lost of BEDBUGS!!!!!!! If you dont pay your rent on the 1st expect a reminder in your letter box approx the next day!!!!!!! otherwise they will take you to court.... Be sure to have your rent in your account b4 the 1st of each month else you are in trouble.



They are pretty bitchy, no one talks to no one there. (THIS IS CANADA ANYWAYS WHERE THIS IS A NORM)..!! Dont expect any neibours talking to you... dont expect anyone to hold the door for you if u trying to come in behind them.

A VERY CORRUPT BUILDING... Been living there since 2009 and moved out 2012... I wanted to move out the very day i moved in but was going through immigration process and i didnt want them to see me moving and moving.. wanted a constant address.



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I have lived at 33 Isabella for over a year now, December 2010-January 2012 and have never had a problem with bed bugs or anything relating to it.
I think the building is maintained fairly clean, I have been home certain days from work and almost every time hear vacuuming and cleaning being done in the hallways and in the lobby. The hallways always smell of cleaning products and notice that if there is any kind of mess it will be removed by the next day.

I have filed reports with issues reg

arding a sink, a toilet as well as a problem with a hardwood floor and the staff have always been attentive and have assisted me right away. When I called and complained about a leak, the super personally knocked on my door within the hour and came to look at the problem itself. The next day I came home and there was a note saying that it has been fixed.

Never seen any bed bugs, ants, cockroaches or anything along the lines of this. I'm up on the 26th floor.

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DO *NOT* move here! You will regret it !!

I am considering moving here next month but a bit intimidated by all these bed bug claims. Please advise...is it really that bad or are these isolated incidences?

To the person who questioned someone else throwing out some of their stuff and stating that you have a $60000.00 book collection, you will not throw out your stuff so you will probably not get rid of the bed bugs. Have fun with your new friends, just because something is expensive doesnt mean it is bedbug free. I would recommend putting your books in storage for at least a year to ensure their are no bedbugs in them.

Just to speak the other side, I lived in this building for a year and a half (August 2009-January 2011) and I had no problems whatsoever. The building management was friendly and responsive, often would come the same day we filed a request to have something fixed. We had no negative experiences with them. There is a security concern with people getting into the building without keys (many large buildings have this problem), but I never felt unsafe coming home at night, as everything is well lit

and I never had an issue.
I'm not denying that others have had problems, I just want to say that not everyone thinks so terribly about this place. I really enjoyed living there and would rent from them again.

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Infestation @ 33 Isabella began around 2002/2003 when property management agreed with city hall to house special needs/drug rehab people from the city. Once established in their units these tenants would invite in their other homeless buddies and addicts with their infested clothing & blankets. If the unit became too crowded some would migrate to sleeping in the stairwells leaving behind their infested blankets and bathroom habits.

For the people who are insulating that the reports on this site are disingenuous and that the posters are simply complaining about management I beg to differ. We have just moved into the 16th floor. We have never lived here before nor do we know anything about the past management. One week ago we started to itch and suspected bedbugs. We set traps and this morning we have the proof- we have caught a bedbugs! There is blood stains on the bed linens and we have actually CAPTURED some in a plastic

container. They are disgusting little creatures. To any fellow residents in 33 Isabella court, who do not believe this, please come to the 16th floor, knock politely on 1604 and I will personally show you the bedbugs we have captured. This is a nightmare for us. It disrupts our sleeping and thus our jobs performance during the day. I would recommend everyone stay far away from this building, it is a horrible situation. We have no idea what to do now...

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We just moved in to 33 Isabella 4 days ago. Our unit has bedbugs- a lot of bedbugs. I haven't had a good night sleep yet because every 5 or 10 minutes I get bitten. They usually come from the top or the bottom of the bed biting my neck/back or feet and legs. I am not sure what to do at this point but the problem is very bad. I really regret moving here.

I've lived at 33 Isabella for the past 3 years, note that the following is my opinion and solely my opinion. I reside on the 12th floor.

In 3 years, I have never seen a bed bug, nor felt any effects thereof. That isn't to say that others haven't. Management has been responsive to my requests for service to my apartment.

As for other issues people have listed, I won't agree or disagree, this site is about bed bugs, not about airing complaints against the landlord you may have.

The building is disgusting and its managemnet right up to the upper level are useless sheisters. They only want to wring as much money as they can out of you. They are not taking anything serious when it comes to pests. They only do damage control. I moved out as soon as i could. They didn't even re-paint before renting. There are meth/crack heads buying drugs in the building, doing drugs and sleeping in the stairwells. If you asl them any questions about pests or druggies they get defensive, es

pecially when asked who they've hired. They avoid answering and deny any problems. Meanwhile theire is a pest control vehicle(s) in front every day for the last 2 years.


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I got a notice from the building for a preventative spray treatment in May. They were not clear what for, I assumed they were just spraying the entire building to be cautious. Later that month I was up late and discovered a bed bug crawling across the floor of my washroom. I hate bugs and this always was a concern. I have seen the other posts on this site and hoped that I would be fine. I was wrong. Turns out they sprayed my apartment because my neighbor had/has them. I was devastated and really

freaked out. I had roaches the first week I moved in thanks to the previous tenets cleanliness so I have always been overly cautious. I worried "where there is one there will be more". They sprayed my place again after I informed them, I know it is very difficult to get rid of. I have since moved out regardless. I threw out a lot of stuff and spent many hours cleaning my stuff to be cautious.

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Are you serious? Why did you dispose of your "valuable books and papers". I have about 2000 books, which would cost $60,000 to replace. I am not going to get rid of them because my place has bedbugs.

Dear Joanne and ad,

HIghly overreacting? You tell me that after some of them make their way into your apartment and you wake up with red welts and itchy sores on your body. And yes they can travel from unit to unit, and they can travel along plumbing pipes from floor to floor.

Highly overreacting? You tell me that after you spend hundreds on drycleaning and have to dispose of valuable books and papers.

This building is VERY well known to "Magical Pest Control". Watch for one of their tr

ucks in the driveway. You're sure to see it before too very long.

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I have had a problem with bedbugs here at 33 Isabella for months now. The exterminator has come three times. I have had all of my clothes and bedding, curtains etc professionally cleaned at great cost to myself, and put all books into plastic sealed boxes on the balcony. My life has been severely disrupted by this, and continues to be.

The management will send the exterminator when requested, but will not reimburse for any of the cleaning, impermeable mattress covers, etc. They claim that I

must have brought the bedbugs into my unit unknowingly from some other location.

This building has been well known for being bedbug infested for some time. I am quite surprised to see that all of the previous posts on this page have been deleted.

Be aware that the bedbug situation at 33 Isabella is serious. I have seen the exterminators truck (Magical Pest Control) in the front drive on many occasions.

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i lived there from june 2008-july 2009 and i did not see or hear of any bed bugs in the place. i loved everything about the building.

I am shocked at all these reports
I'm a germaphobic.. and I'm pathologically terrified of bugs,, cockroaches.. bed bugs

I've lived at 33 Isabella Ct, for three years..
I live on the 21st flooor.. and I love my apt
I have never seen any bugs.. my place is spotless.

I think this is highly over reacting

I have been a tenant at 33 Isabella for 18 years. Never had a problem with bedbugs until a few months ago. Apartment has now been treated twice and I'm not convinced they're gone. The business of laundering and drycleaning ALL my clothes repeatedly and keeping them in plastic bags has been expensive and inconvenient. I've also had to throw out a lot of papers, books (apparently they can be contaminated too) and furniture.

When I asked mgmt about a refund for my costs, I was told the building

does NOT have a bedbug problem, but they brought in Magical Pest Control with whom they seem to have developed a close relationship.

The ongoing frustration and cost has me wanting to move to another building, but if the reports on this site are true, almost all the buildings in this area have been affected by this problem then what's the point?

This appears to be a WIDESPREAD problem in the city of Toronto and they should be providing solutions for the taxpayers.

I intend to be very vocal with City Hall, Dept of Health, etc. And so should the rest of you who are being plagued with these bloodsuckers!

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In continuation to post made on 09/27/2008 and 09/15/2008 - 5ish months bed bug free, found one today. I am devastated.

Any updates for this building?
There is a chance I apply for one of their apartments and I had a look today. The building seemed to be well maintained and the management must have changed since 2008 (its now Salford instead of Cromwell). Any recent incidents?

I am not reporting bedbugs at this address. I just feel sorry for all the people who go though this. I know rents are high, but instead of taking a 1 bedroom with 1100$ compromise on the space and take 1 studio with the same price in a new building where the management is good and chances of getting bedbugs are much lower.
Good luck.

In continuation to post made on 09/15/2008 - The management hired an exterminator for me. My apartment was sprayed on 09/18/2008, just a few days after I complained and expressed concern. The management was very nice about it, I thought because of other reviews, they would give me trouble but they were very cooperative. The information sheet states that you may still see bed bugs a few days - a month after the spraying. I saw two the morning of the 19th, which I killed. That weekend went pretty

smoothly, I still had itchy bites but I figured they were developing from the nights before the spraying. This past Tuesday morning (the 23rd) I found 2 or 3 more full grown bugs. On Thursday night, my paranoia having grown immensely, I felt as though I had gotten bitten right as I was about to go to bed and turned on the lights, freaking out. My boyfriend was reassuring me but just then we found the bug running away on the side of the bed. That night I got a ton more bites, and I have just as many as I did before. They are painfully itchy as I mentioned in my previous post. I don't sleep because I am constantly aware of "crawly" feelings, getting up to frantically check my skin, the sheets. Now even outside of the apartment, I feel like there are bugs crawling all over me and I am overly nervous about going to sleep. I am so overtired. I have spent a ton of my own time and energy washing, spraying, vacuuming the floors, bed, etc. looking for these bugs or where they are coming from. I found a small bug this morning, despite sleeping on the couch where my boyfriend has never been bitten, and I feel as though I was bit more last night. I am at a loss, so overtired and stressed. I am a student in a competitive program at school with a very heavy workload, I don't have the time or stamina to deal with all of this.

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EVERY floor on this building has bed bugs...! I've lived on the tenth floor for five years and I'm getting the hell out. It is impossible to get rid of bed bugs entirely, they commute between apartments in the hallway, between walls and can stay alive an entire year without a human host (meal). If you're using their public laundry mat you can be almost guarenteed that a few of them will get into your clothes and hitch a ride to your apartment. My advice AVOID this building altogether. It's NOT w

orth the psychological stress, loss of property, money, physical pain and SLEEP.

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it seems to me that its the whole
"village" that has these bed bugs issuse.. plz keep this site up to date... hopefully it does not get worse..

I moved into this apartment building two weeks ago. I am a very clean person, I've been cleaning this apartment as it was not clean when I moved in (tons of hair stuck in the paint, floors, etc.) I found three bugs, one of which I was sure was a bed bug, so I began to spray. Last night I woke up at 4:30 am scratching myself, I was scratching painful bumps on my arm. I flipped and went to the washroom to discover bites all up my arm, my back, my hand. I found the bug on my sleeve. All day today t

he bites have been developing, on my face, legs, feet, everywhere. I called the super on duty and he was alarmed but said he would report it tomorrow and that I should call during business hours. I talked to a woman in the elevator who said she's never had a problem. I just took about my bed/couch and discovered what looked like some remnants, and at least two more bed bugs. I am so upset. I will keep this site updated with anymore information, what the landlord/management company does to help, etc.

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Until the management company changes - and it HAS NOT - this building will not improve. Other buildings operated by Cromwell have bed bugs as well. And even then, it's a big maybe - this building is very far gone.

Do not put yourself in a situation to become a victim.

I'm considering moving here, is it really that bad? or have things improved since 2006?

I'm new to the building, doesn't seem to have any problems. I knew there have been isolated incidents of bedbugs before, but all buildings deal with this. Any updates?

One of the worst in the city - don't be fooled by the example suite - it hasn't improved one bit.

It is still like this: http://augustine73.blogspot.com/2006/05/33-isabella.html

??? update anyone?? about this building looks really nice to live in


33 Isabella is Krackhead central, the building is infested with Bedbugs - The cops show up every either days to bust a drug deal and arrest one or more of the residents.
Move in there at your own risks !!

It is not only filthy and disgusting. It is a really dangerous building to live in.

you are all guilty of sensationalism ... have lived there 3 years and to this date no problem ... get your facts right

I highly doubt the bedbug issue is gone - this building was, and still is, considered one of the worst in Toronto.


A week before Christmas 2007, we were infested with bed bugs. At first, we thought these were bugs that came out during winter. FYI, we just landed in Canada last March 2007. Location and rental rates were primary considerations in selecting an apartment. Apt. # 606, 33 Isabella (Isabella Court) was the perfect choice since it was within proximity of everything...subway, 24-hour grocery, workplace, shopping and community centers. The moment we were bitten, we discarded our mattress and boug

ht a new one. We also reported to the superintendent who immediately took action by scheduling pest control services. According to the pest control personnel, treatment would last 3 weeks. However, even after our unit was treated with the peticides, we still experienced some insect bites. There were sightings of bugs after the treatment which were found along the seams of our clothing rack which we bought brand new from Canadian Tire. We had to discard this the moment we found bed bugs. Yet, we continue to get bites. We ended up spending on laundry as we had to dry clean, dry up clean clothing that were hanging from the rack. Doing our cleaning, vacuuming and washing of clothes were so energy and time consuming to a point that we were already neglecting our children's (i.e., one 1-year old and one 6-month old.

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Apartment building was infested with bed bugs

As reported on the bedbug blog's 'known infestations' list at http://bedbugblog.blogspot.com/2006/06/known-bedbug-infestations.html

No nearby bug reports