1885 Cornelia St
Ridgewood, NY 11385-5025

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Bed Bugs when we moved in.
and the next door neighbors also.

36-16 Starr Ave Long Island City NY

Kept waking up with huge red welts that were extremly itchy. I thought it might have been mosquitoes. But more and more kept appearing only at night. I heard about bedbugs in the area. So I checked to see if I saw any traces of bedbug feces. Only to find nothing. Only to find the next morning a bedbug running across my couch. I caught it and put it in a plastic container. I told everyone in my household of my find and showed everyone. Only to change my sheets and find about 15 bed bugs

along the sides of the mattress. Quickly I killed them all and threw out the mattress. And told my landlord that an exterminator had to be called. Two days later he showed up. And everything was fine; I actually got a good night's sleep for about a week. Then to hear our neighbors were recieving bites also. After that I started getting bites agian. So the exterminator came back. And sprayed both apartments. Everything seems alright again I have read everything online. I washed ALL of my clothes, sheets - anything that could be washed. I steamed my rugs and couch. Put everything in garbage bags. Put the matresses and box springs into zipper plastic mattress covers. The bites are still happening. In the past three weeks, we have thrown out my couch. This whole bedbug thing is driving me to the brink of insanity. The more I look around Ridgewood the more I see mattresses outside. So I know I'm not alone. I've heard a few people on the block claiming to have my same problem also. At this point I would just like my life to be back to somewhat normal. So I could have furniture in my house once again. And not live out of a garbage bag. My family and I look like homless people. Thank you for your time.

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