1650 Ocean Pky
Brooklyn, NY 11223-2145

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I live at 1650 ocean parkway on the 6th floor, and I've had issues with bedbugs the past 6 months. (oct. 10-april 11).. unfortunately! I'm still dealing with it.. :/

Read this and show it to your super

i live in this building also and we have a bed bugs but super said they never had a bed bugs before

My family and I were first bitten shortly after moving into our apartment, #6D. We didnt realize the bites were from bedbugs. We thought they were misquitos given the time of year we were bitten. We were subsequently bitten repeatedly (I guess as the infestation got worse) with evidence of a series of bites up and down our arms, legs, faces, and other areas. We called our management company, who, after much haggling, agreed to send an exterminator. He only came once, and we were still being bitt

en! Management refused to pay for additional treatments saying there was no infestation in our apartment. This, despite the fact that in June 2009, the management sent our a letter to all tenants that there was a bedbug problem in the building! We ended up calling Orkin and had to pay out of pocket (thousands of dollars)to exterminate it ourself. We lost everything! Furniture, clothes, dishes, etc. We ended up having to move in with my mother because we couldnt stay in the apartment anymore. We are in the process of moving out of 6D. Do NOT move to this building. It is infested

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