21 Fifth Ave
Pelham, NY 10803-1541

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Hi, does anyone know if 21 Fifth Ave still has a bed bug problem in 2009? I'm moving into the building soon & found out only after I signed the lease that the apartment directly above mine had bed bugs in 2007. They say their apartment is now free of bugs but that it's still exterminated monthly. Do the bugs ever really go away? What is the danger to me? Can I get them? Should I be dusting w/ Mother Earth powder before I move in & bag my mattress? Is this enough protection? Or do I need to hire

an exterminator to "proof" my currently vacant apartment? (I move in 2 weeks)Or is this superfluous since the bugs may not reside in a vacant apartment but will come when I move in? There's not a lot of advice for people who don't have bed bugs yet. Any advice appreciated, thanks!

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bedbugs found in 3 apartments - extermination repeated for over a month

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