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I was allergic to the bites, I had large red welts. I checked out my bedroom and found a bug on a container. It was a bedbug. We threw out all of our bedroom furniture and we have exterminated every three weeks. The landlords sent terrible exterminators our way. They had no idea what they were doing. We slept on an air mattress with carpet tape around us for months. Maybe we are just fooling ourselves. But, we have not seen any since August...

After believing for some time that we had fleas, I found an assortment of living bedbugs in my mattress. After over six months of throwing items out and repeated pest control visits (which the apartment complex billed to us), we found out that our neighbors had bedbugs. The apartment complex already had bedbug materials ready for us when we initially reported the pests, and the receptionist indicated that they had prior experience with bedbugs. Several months prior to our discovery, we had notic

ed neighbors throwing out mattresses and bedding.

All of these pieces taken together lead us to believe that the building as a whole had problems with bedbugs. It's likely that they just spread into our apartment after pest control efforts in other units.

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