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When we reported bedbugs in our apartment, management reported to us that there were bedbugs also for the previous tenant and that the apartment was treated properly. There have been bedbugs in the unit since we moved in and mangememt offered no compensation for our incurred costs (laundry cleaning costs, hotel rooms, etc.)

We have lived here for 7 months. Starting in March 2011 we noticed we first had bed bugs. We washed and packed up everything right away and left it that way for 6 weeks during extermination. That whole process did nothing and we ended up with bedbugs again after 2 weeks. Finally by June we stopped getting bitten. We thought everything was ok until a neighbor at the end of the hall told us they had had bed bugs 3 or 4 times in the past 2 years and that they need to be sprayed every few months (an

d were in the process of getting sprayed again). A few weeks after hearing that 2 new people moved in next door to us and told us they had bed bugs as well. We now have bed bugs AGAIN!! The management has agreed to exterminate but only when the 2 neighbors next door were ready as well "so that we could get it all done in one shot". It's disgusting to see that this building is still operable. There is CLEARLY a HUGE problem and the building needs to be condemned. This is a totally uninhabitable place to live!!

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This manager is horrible. becareful when you sign a contract with her. she will have you sign a contract even when the room is not ready and take the money from you. when the time to move in arrives and the room is not ready she will tell you that you sign the contract and there is nothing she can do. and becareful when you go to court with her. make sure you have all the record written. otherwise she REALLY knows how to lie!

This building is run by shady, unscrupulous people, particularly the building manager.

I first began getting bedbug bites in this building in 2/2010. The building manager was evasive and deferred responsibility to the pest control people, who came once a month. The chemicals that the exterminators sprayed really did nothing to control the problem, and neither did the management. Whatever the building management may post on this cite regarding the elimination of this problem is, most certainl

y, inaccurate or untrue.

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The management know about bedbugs but don't seem to take the full steps to fix the problem. Yes, exterminators come once a month but they don't focus on the bedbugs, it's more of a general small treatment in windows. Tell management there are bedbugs and the concern is deflected and avoided. I have seen bugs in bed, in the living room, even on my shower curtain liner! It's disgusting and specialized sprays and mattress covers aren't even working. It's a true infestation.

Based on knowing people and having lived in the building, I can attest that the managment is slow to react to bedbug infestations and repeatedly tries to charge tenants for repairs that should be part of a habitable living environment as required by San Francisco law.

I noticed the past week I was having bed bugs crawling in my apartment. So far yesterday, I have reported to the manager and she said that other tenents were having the same problem with bed bugs. She told me she will get pest control to go to my apartment. So still waiting and expecting the pest control to come...

the tenants on the 5th floor have experienced a minor infestation that has spread to the entire floor. i know it is undergoing treatment, however it seems that the first time the treatment worked well and the second time it had no effect. i hope that the management company is following up with the pest control company to make sure they are doing the utmost to treat and contain the problem. october-present 2009.

Regarding the previous report of bed bugs from December 2008, let it be known that the management of the property took care of the issue in a satisfactory manner. The PCO was brought in to spray in a timely manner and all evidence of the pests was curtailed.

I live in Apt 403 and began noticing the presence of bed bugs in late August. By the time I realized that the problem was indeed a bed bug infestation, time had lapsed to September. I wrote the manager a letter but did not hear back for at least a week. A PCO was brought in to spray but no other sprays were scheduled at that time.
As it is now, December 2, 2008 I have not had the benfit of another PCO spraying my apartment. The manager wrongly scheduled the sprays without informing me so I had

no choice but to turn them away when they showed up out of the blue on more than one occasion. After I had prepared for the PCO at an announced time, it was canceled due to the technician's illness. Three months have now passed since I originally notified the management and virtually nothing has been done. The PCO has once again been scheduled to spray tomorrow.
A total of three treatments are required.

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We lived in this building for 6 months, and battled bedbugs for 3 of them, starting around March 2008.

I know other apartments also had bedbugs, because I was nosy one day when I was in the manager's office and saw a letter from a previous tenant asking to be reimbursed for the bed they threw away and for boarding their pets because of bedbugs.

I know that when we complained they only treated our apartment, so the bugs probably just moved down a floor or nextdoor.

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