Starlite Motel
727 Broadway St
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965-1555

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7/27/11 or 7/28/11. There were many bugs in the motel room, we found spiders, ants to other gross bugs I've never seen before and when we looked behind the bed boards of both of the beds in the room, there were many cobwebs back there. It looked as if no one cleaned behind them. Later that night (Wednesday)I went to bed and Thursday morning I woke up and had 6 or 7 huge red welts on my back and chest. They were swollen, red, itchy and really hurt. I didn't understand and then we started to find

little black specs on both of the beds. I had no idea what they were and thought I had just been bitten by a mosquito perhaps, but when I went to the doctor after I came back from my trip, he said they looked like bug bites. A week later, the swelling has gone down some; however there are still tiny bumps and what looks to be scabs forming where I was bitten on my back and chest. We tried talking to the older woman manager at the motel, but she was very rude and unfriendly about the situation.

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