Ramada Wisconsin Dells
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Wisconsin Dells, WI

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I checked for bed bugs the night I arrived and did not see any evidence of them, although there were zippered mattress pads so I could only lift the top sheet.

The second night I was sitting on the bed with the lights on and saw a couple bugs on the pillow of the other bed (there were three large bugs with a couple smaller on the bed). I immediately jumped up and saw one on the pillow I had just been laying on! My purse was on the other bed so I immediately removed it (I hope there aren't an

y in there--I'm going to be so upset!). I used a napkin to pick up a bug and pinched it, it was definitely full of blood.

I caught one in a cup and took it down to the front desk. I showed it to the manager (I think he's the manager). He said he didn't know what kind of bug it was, I replied with "no no, that is definitely a bed bug." He seemed reluctant to believe me, and said something like, "I'll call the exterminator the next day. He said we'd be guaranteed not to have any bugs." I'm not sure if he meant in general, or if there had been a problem that they recently had exterminated.

They moved me to another room which also seemed clean, so I hope it really was. Upon checking out, I saw that my work credit card was already charged for both nights--I am waiting to hear from a manager because I refuse to pay that. If they don't credit the account, my business office will be calling. That is ridiculous. I am hoping I don't have any bugs or eggs, my husband is severely allergic to bed bug bites.

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