Polynesian Resort Hotel & Suites
857 N Frontage Rd
Wisconsin Dells, WI

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My family and I were booked at the Polynesian resort and I had previously heard rumors about the Dells and other hotels but nothing bout the Polynesian. So I decided to stay there. I had recently done some research on finding bedbugs in hotel room and how to find them or detect them. So once me and my family got to the hotel and checked in our room I immediately began my search. Before we unpacked I told my family to wait one second while I do my 5 min inspection. First I found an old smell in m

y room. Then I decided to ripped the sheets off the bed and little did u know a Lil bug was crawling on all whites sheets. I instantly pulled my phone out and began to record it crawling so they couldn't say I didn't see what I was actually seening. I immediately told my wife and kids LETS GO NOW!I went to the front desk and showed them my video and they began to panic quietly. They were trying to keep me quiet so I wouldn't disturb the rest of the hotel or embarrasse them. But I was steaming hot. If it wasn't for my rthatrch and knowledge of knowing how to search you hotel room for bugs,me and my family would be in infested with these Lil insects. The Polynesian tried to give me another room but I refused and asked for a full refund. They told me they would but it would take 48hrs to return the money to my credit card. They also asked me not to show the footage and to keep it quiet in the lobby. But as we were talking guest were checking in and I overheard them giving them a room right by the room I just found bedbugs smh. I immediately started talking a Lil louder so they could her the situation. That's when the Polynesian manager asked me to leave the property. They said I was being disorderly. But I felt they were not letting the guest know what was going on. I felt like they were trying to keep it hidden. That's not right. Families should know what their up against. After all its family that will have to suffer the discomfort and $$$$ problem. They actually called the police on me because I was exposing them. My family and I are so grateful and fortunate that I was so lucky to find a bedbug during my inspection. Thank God. I will not be going to the Dells anymore. And anytime me and my family ever have to stay in a hotel I'm going to think twice or just rent a mobile trailer or something. The Wisconsin Dells is filthy and needs a major upgrade seriously!!! You can see the video on my Facebook page Craig Young. Please read and share!

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