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Checked in on 8/17/2015 with a large conference. Due to recent reports of bed bugs at other resorts in WI Dells, I decided to do a thorough inspection of the beds as soon as we got in the room. Room was a "lodge room" in the Sands Building. I inspected the sofa sleeper and no signs of bugs. Upon uncovering the mattress pad on the king size bed, I found a large bed bug that appeared dead or dormant. I looked it up and it matched the picture of an unfed adult. I immediately called the front desk a

nd told them of the issue. They told me they would send a housekeeping supervisor to confirm and inspect the room. When no one came within 10 min, I called again and was able to talk to a manager who obliged my request to move to a new room. Within a few minutes, the inspection staff came along with the bellhop. Later, the manager called and reported that they did not find any other bugs or sign of an infestation in the room, but they would deduct one nights rate and give me dinner vouchers for each registered guest. Although I was completely disgusted, the manager was apologetic and understanding of my disgust with the issue. I checked even more carefully in the new room and didn't find any signs of bed bugs or an infestation. Best advice is to check, check, check right when you get to the room.

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My husband and I stayed at the Kalahari for one night (7/20/2015) with our two young children, ages 3 and 1. We stayed in a room with two queen beds and a pullout sofa. We didn't get bite marks when we stayed there, however, upon our return home from the Kalahari, a mature bed bug fell out of our luggage onto the kitchen floor. I was disgusted and freaked out. A week and a half later, my daughter started getting bite marks when she woke up in the morning. We are clean freak people so I'm pr

etty pissed off that this happened. The Kalahari is an expensive resort and I thought this was supposed to be one of the cleaner resorts. We know these bugs came from the Kalahari. Now I'm going to have to try and exterminate these bugs from our home which is extraordinarily expensive and difficult because bed bugs continually come back. My advice to you; if you visit the Wisconsin Dells (any resort), do NOT stay over night! My friend's disregarded these bed bug claims as rumors. I learned fast that they are not rumors - this is real and awful. Next time my husband and I take the kids to the Dells, (if we ever go back), we will be finding a campsite to camp in our own clean tent or camper instead. These hotels are nasty.

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PLEASE please people stay away from Wisconsin Dell hotels and resorts all of them are full with millions of BED BUGS....WE WILL NEVER GO AGAIN... I POST THE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE THANKS... ALL OF THE HOTELS AND RESORTS ARE VERY NASTY AND THE EMPLOYEE STEAL FROM YOUR ROOM'S πŸ‘€

PLEASE please people stay away from Wisconsin Dell hotels and resorts all of them are full with millions of BED BUGS....WE WILL NEVER GO AGAIN... I POST THE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE THANKS... ALL OF THE HOTELS AND RESORTS ARE VERY NASTY AND THE EMPLOYEE STEAL FROM YOUR ROOM'S πŸ‘€

Just like in every thing in life a consumer should always be educated. PLEASE educate yourself on the correct facts about bed bugs. Half of these claims are clearly fabricated due to the fact bed bugs simply do not to many things the people on this site have listed. Also, as someone in the hospitality industry you need to understand that bed bugs come from YOU the cosumer from bring them in on YOUR luggage. Calm down people. Educate yourself.

Stayed there Feb 1-3,2013 Found live bed bugs crawling on us after our first night there! So disgusting!! The manager tried to tell us that they would need to investigate first and then later came back to say that yes, they did have bed bugs on that whole floor!!!! NASTY!!! Hotel manager didnt even offer to pay for our stay! CRAP! NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!

Just stayed there on October 17th and 18th, 2014. Bed Bugs were not even on our radar when checking in with our two kids. I found bites on the day we checked out but thought it might be a small rash from not being used to all the pool time. By the time we got home, I started to see several red bumps popping up on my skin. (Roughly 15 bites total) I asked my wife to check the kids. Within a half day, my wife and oldest child had them too! My youngest slept on the floor the whole trip and w

as all clear. (Thank goodness) We finally knew what had happened so we called Kalahari immediately. To their credit - the manager called back within a couple hours and was extremely honest which we appreciated. She said they tested the room and it was in fact bed bugs. She said the room was immediately taken out of the rotation and a service was in there taking the necessary steps. Other family members were in the adjoining room and had no issues.

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Stayed in one of the Villas sept 13th. We found a live bed bug. Hotel staff was responsive and came to inspect whole villa and confirmed there were bed bugs in the unit.

100 PERCENT Kalahari has BED BUGS !!!!!! Found one in our bed and took photo, believe or not ,UP TO YOU NASTY!!!!!

We were just there August 24-26 and I am happy to say there were no bed bugs. I was very concerned after reading some of the entries on this site. I expressed the interest upon making a reservation. They did say they have trained all their staff in looking for bedbugs and they have recently replaced headboards and other furniture pieces in the rooms. I was still hesitant to go but am glad to say it was a good experience.

My family and I went to kalahari for the first time July 22-26. My husband woke up on our final morning there with x2 sets of "3 in a row" bed bug bites. We searched the bed an found signs of bed bugs. We called the front desk where the manager of the water park who they say is trained in first aid came and put cream on his arm he stated he thought it was bed bug bites. Then a random house keeping staff worker came in with a flash light for maybe 15 min and stated he found nothing. Our room was

directly across from water park on the first floor we had a huge suite. Needless to say they deny having a problem and threatened that if I told anyone I would be in big "trouble". They did nothing to help us. To top it off 3 rooms down from us had been shut down on the first 2 days of our stay. Appeared they were treating that room for bugs also. I get that bed bugs are all over my concern is that this hotel refused to admit they have them and I worry the next family may not realize they have them before it is to late and then they have them in their home

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Just stayed there for two nights May 3rd & 4th and stayed in one of Royal African Queen suites. Happy to say, NO bedbugs anywhere. It was a great adventure and a positive experience for our whole family.


had prom group go up stayed in the nyuba or whatever the villas are called whole group got bites

I have been to the Malagasy multiple times, usually at least once a year and have always found it to be very clean and never had any issues. In fact, we are going next weekend and are not worried in the least!

July 27, 2011
We've been going to the Kalahari for years. Always had on average a fairly decent time...no complaints. This year, we stayed at The Sands for the first time. The room was half way clean and we found a bed bug on the dresser. I'll admit I only found ONE but if you know anything about bedbugs they don't live solo. Thank God this summer we had some extremely hot days. We left our suitcases in the trunk of the car for a week before brining them into the house. I'm sure the trun

k temp got hot enough to kill any extra "passengers". I advised the front desk about our discovery, not looking for comp, more as a FYI, and they blew me off. That's enough for me to decide NEVER to go back. Be careful where you lay your head...don't go home with the wrong type of souvenir.

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We just spent two wonderful nights at the Kalahari. It is by far the cleanest resort in the Dells. We had two queen beds and a pull out sofa bed, with no signs of bed bugs at all.
I'm so happy I didn't read these posts prior to our stay!

My family and I stayed there 2 weeks ago. We had a room across from the outdoor waterpark and in the Sands building. No signs of bed bugs. I checked the room before unpacking.

We are staying at the Kalahari in March 2011 and I read the scary reports of bedbugs being reported at this location. So, being the Nervous Nelly that I am, I contacted the Kalahari and spoke with Cheryl, the assistant to the general manager at their corporate headquarters in the Dells. She assured me numerous times that there were no bedbugs at the Kalahari Dells location, and that the staff inspect the rooms daily and are trained in what to look for. She was very understanding as to my conc

erns and noted that bedbugs seemed to be the "popular" thing now, so I feel much better in anticipating our stay in March.

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My family stayed there last year over Martin Luther King weekend. Woke up and found bugs on the pillow. My son and I both developed mites and it took 3 weeks of treatment to get rid of them.

And when we spoke to the manager they said they would not comp our stay. Please beware.

I just spent New Years with my family at Kalahari Wisconsin Dells and saw no evidence what-so-ever of bed bugs, dirty linens, spiders, etc. I have to admit, I checked this site while literally in the car on the way to the hotel and totally freaked out- Upon arrival, I ripped off all the bedding on all of the beds to see if I found any bugs. I didn't, so we stayed 3 days and had a fabulous time. No one in my family has any bites and I still have seen no bugs, although I have done extensive wash

ing and "freeze drying" of our luggage in our sub-zero temp garage. :)

**We were in the main building- not the Sands** I am not sure if this has any bearing on previous reports, but I just wanted to leave a comment in case there were other hesitant guests like myself. **

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Found 2 bedbuds in my room, and called the supervisor, he came and took them. I was never bitten but TOTALLY freaked out. They offered to send me a comp stay, as work payed for the room. We'll see, but now I have the mess of cleaning all of my stuff....

Stayed 11/16 at Sands Building. Developed rash subsequently - itchy, raised dots on arm and shoulder consistent with bed bug bites. Building was very clean, but never thought to check bed. Have contacted housekeeping department to have room exterminated.

Two listings on this reporting site found for this resort. See "Kalahari Resort" as well.

My family of 4 spent 4nights/5days at this place August 2010. Throughout the first three nights we kept getting bitten. We thought that they were mosquito bites. WRONG!!! then cleanning people told management of bed bugs and management contacted us to change room and offered us a dinner coupon. By this time my husband had already spotted and killed a couple of bed bugs from under the bed cover. We needed to go to the ER because my husband was having fever. Kalahari covered the 4 nights spent,

and the ER bills. We ended up leaving our lugage there because we did not want to contaminate our home! Not a dream vacation.

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My family of four just spent 5 days, 4 nights in the β€œSands” section of the Kalahari. October 14-18, 2010. Very clean, no bugs anywhere.

Had bed bug bites on my neck after taking a nap for about 2 hours. contacted management and they did very little to remedy the problem. later that night found a bed bug running across the bed -killed it and brought it down to the front desk - again they did nothing except move us to another room. Now, this AM we get the bill for staying here and they expect us to pay for that night when we didn't get to bed until 2AM doing our laundry so we didn't bring these things home. real nice - thanks


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