Days Inn Wisconsin Dells
944 Us Highway 12
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

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My family and I just checked out this morning April 22, 2013. After driving back home i noticed i was itching all over my body. After further inspection i realized there are bite marks where I'm scratching. I look like I was biten by several mesquitos. Don't waist your time with the place. Spend a few extra dollars to stay elsewhere.

Without knowing the history of this hotel, I stayed with some friends getting a total of 4 rooms for the night of Saturday, September 15th, 2012. When I woke up on Sunday morning, I saw bugs moving on the bed towards the head board.
Completely disgusted, my friends and I got our things together and left the room as soon as possible. When we tried to have the front desk attendent Holly about this she informed me that she can't refund my money and that she can't call her manager Anthony Garcia b

ecause he would "get mad at her". When I insisted that she get ahold of him because of the severity of the situation she handed me a comment card.
My room was 215 and I was bitten all over my body by bed bugs. I even went to my primary doctor who confirmed the bites were from bed bugs. They didn't appear on me until 36 hours after I stayed there (it can take up to 9 days for bites to appear).
The manager Anothony Garcia has offered to refund my room, but if I want further assistance (pay for my doctor visit, anti-itching creams) that I would have to go through their insurance company.

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BED BUG Infestation at DAYS INN Wisconsin Dells.. Stayed recently and was awakened by more than 30 bed bugs on headboard and bed. Hotel management has been negligent in dealing with bed bug complaints and hostile towards customers who complain of bed bugs. Do not stay at this roach motel!

YES this establishment STILL has reports of bed bugs!!! February 2012 bed bugs were found!!!! Listen to the reviews on their site. I ignored them and gave them a try and was proven, I should have taking heed to the warnings. There are several reports not just one!!!

This hotel dosnt have any problems with bed bugs.The incident in june was taken care of by professionals in which the incedent wasnt even bed bugs. there is nothing wrong with the daysinn wisconsin dells. Thank you Anthony Garcia Assistant Manager.

In room 236 there are BED BUGS, after a little research after my trip I discovered management was already aware of his problem and yet 3-4 months later, they still rent out this room and still have bed bugs! After discovering them had left and went elsewhere, and was told by management that they were sorry and that they were going to get someone in take care of the problem, however they in fact they had rented that room again a day later, there was a child in the window in the room we had.when

my family ad I were out on a walk, SAD DAYS INN!!! The sheet were not changed either, when I had pulled the sheets back I had noticed blood spots all over and hair! This caused me to check the other bed and sure enough there they were crawling bed bugs heading toward my spouses head and all over the bed he laid on asleep! I had spoken with management and they tried to put me in another room 115 which too had hair and was filthy. STAY CLEAR OF THIS ESTABLISHMENT it is filthy all around!!! Attached is a link that will take you to other bed bug complaints as well as other hotels in the area that have bed bug reports! ( june 09,2011)

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