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I stayed the night on 6/6/19, in one of their Vacation Villa, Double Queen rooms. I did a quick inspection of the beds, but clearly not as good of one as I should have. When I returned home I went through my things right away. I found a mature bed bug in my things.

I stayed the night on 6/6/19, in one of their Vacation Villa, Double Queen rooms. I did a quick inspection of the beds, but clearly not as good of one as I should have. When I returned home I went through my things right away. I found a mature bed bug in my things.

I stayed the night on 6/6/19, in one of their Vacation Villa, Double Queen rooms. I did a quick inspection of the beds, but clearly not as good of one as I should have. When I returned home I went through my things right away. I found a mature bed bug in my things.

We had a wonderful stay at Chula Vista. we were there August 9th and left the 13th. Before we arrived we asked for a inspection to be done in our 2 bedroom condo. The management was very accommodating. The explained that they had the health dept. out there to help them with the isolated problem they had 2 weeks before. ALL the resorts had the same problem. A card was left in our room with explanation of the inspection. When we got in the room we did our own inspection of beds, couches and chair

s. Everything was clean. Since we also had 2 infants with us we were extra cautious. We had a wonderful time and the staff was wonderful.

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Our family of 7 stayed in a two bedroom condo August 1-2. We had a great stay and had NO BED BUG issues. We will go back again!!!

My family and I stayed here on 5-1-2015 until 5-4-2015 in a beautiful Presidential Jacuzzi suite. We had a great time clear on up until our day of departure. As we gathered our belongings to drive back home to Chicago my daughter ran out the bathroom and said she found a bug on her shirt, Luckily, she had already smashed it which oozed out blood. We knew what the brownish red bug was at that very moment. We began to look through our clothing and suitcases to be careful not to take anything back

home with us.Before we left, I confronted the front desk clerk and explained to her this terrible issue. She said that someone would go up to inspect the room and took down my name and number however, I never received a call from the resort. We have been to the resort on four different occasions and never had this issue. Sadly, my family and I will take our vacations elsewhere from here on out.I really hope Chula Vista takes this issue seriously and quickly resolve this problem. Not my idea of family fun!

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Stayed here July 19,20 and 21 in the Club Villas. After all the reviews and talk was quite a scary factor going in. We went and did a full inspection, and found nothing. We come here many times throughout the year and have never had any problems or complaints.I mean yes sometimes room isnt as clean as it should be esp. for the price we pay, but its like any other hotel....nothing is perfect. We enjoyed our stay and will continue coming back; as we go back will continue to keep checking over our

room. I googled how to look for bed bugs and learned alot abot them so I def do not want anything to do with them.

I will have to say the outdoor waterpark could be upgraded a bit compared to others...just saying.

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My family and I stayed in a 3 bedroom condo July 26-28. I was worried about the recent reports and the article on Facebook so I phoned ahead and asked for my room to be inspected before my arrival. Guest services was very accommodating and attentive. They even went through a second inspection with us upon arrival. We were relieved to find NO bedbugs in this condo and had a very pleasant stay!

Room 2659 and 2657 confirmed to have bedbugs.
We stayed July 15-21, 2015. 7 of the 9 guests in the 3 bedroom condo had bed bug bites. My son received it the worst and had to go to urgent care for reactions to the bites. The new room we were moved to had at least 14 beetles that started coming out at night. These were later confirmed by wiscinsin pest control to be grain beetles. Unhappy with how the hotel handled it overall.....

4/2014 & 8/2014 my family and I stayed in a 3 bedroom condo and nothing happened to us. Had a terrific stay and going back again!!!!!

My friend and i stayed at this hotel during a conference she had. the next day she went to her conference and i had stayed at the water park and hung out until she was done. i started to noticed some bumps on my elbow but didn't think anything of it i thought maybe it was just a reaction form the chlorine. it wasn't until i had gone home that i started to get more bites on me. i called the hotel and talked to Jessica the front desk manager and told her about my bites and that my friend and i sta

yed at her hotel and we both had gotten bitten. she looked into it and after 3 days of reporting it she called me back (she didn't call me back until i called her back to ask her to call me with the results) she told me there were not bed bugs in the room we stayed in. however my friend and i both have checked our beds and have done research on what bed bug bites look like and what we have are for sure bed bugs. my friend and i have only stayed at this hotel together and for us both to get bitten with something even though the most interaction we had during the night stay was sleeping in the bed there is no way that room didn't have bed bugs!!!!

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My husband & I checked in on Friday Sept.19, 2014 and checked out Sun. Sept. 21.
We were staying there as our niece's wedding was taking place at the Chula.
As we entered our hotel room (golf villa) a severe musty odor hit us, just stunk. As we turned on every light in the place and pulled the drapes back still very dark and dinjy. Carpet was dirty with grass and mud. The end tables and head boards dusty or what I assumed was dust.
Tons of spiders and webs outside fro

nt door and patio door.
Toilet kept running.
Very noisy, could not sleep from the guests above us and to the side of us, could hear them walking, flushing their toilet, turning on sink faucet and shower. Could hear other hotel doors closing, cars pulling in , car doors shutting etc.
the 2 queen beds were hard as concrete yet also felt like a layer of rocks on top of that.
I pulled off the gross dirty stinky cover blanket on both beds and placed them by the front door. I tried to inspect the sheets & pillows as best I could as I was grossed out!
On checkout day, the 3rd day, at approx 8am I felt something crawling on my neck as I lay there, I brushed my neck, felt something, immediately got out of bed , turned on every light and drapery to get as much light in this room.
I went back to the bed with ziploc in hand as I was determined to find out what was on me.
There it was , a burnt orange bug. I put it in the ziploc. I then called the front desk , explained the situation and they said they would send 2 employees over to inspect the bug and the beds, etc. they arrived quickly, a man and woman.
The look on their faces as I showed them the ziploc bag with the bug in it was pretty self explanatory.
I was praying it was a tick but no they said it was an adult bed bug and at that time started going through both beds, sheets, pillows, mattresses and box springs. Lifting the matresses up and the box springs up and putting them standing up against the wall and against the kitchen counters.
They used their cell phone flashlights as they scanned the items.
It wasn't until they got to the second box spring closest to the couch and patio door that once they stood it up did they find more of these bugs and they were very active.
I was now standing at that side of the room trapped as the front door has now been blocked by all the mattresses and linens.
As I stood there watching these bugs and looking at the employees facial expressions it became more and more HORRIFYING!
The man seemed very concerned and freaked out himself, even said he felt like taking a shower.
The woman seemed more laid back about it all, almost to laid back.
She returned and told us to slip our suitcases into these 2 black garbage bags and to put everything in a laundromat dryer on the highest heat for 30-60min. as a precautionary measure in case any bugs are hitching a ride in our luggage or laid eggs! The bags did not fit our suitcases so nothing was actually sealed shut and contained which to find out later this was handled completely wrong.
We felt and still feel sick to our stomachs, anxiety ridden, insomnia, and just taken advantage of.
Very disappointing that our niece spent so much $ to have her wedding at this Chula Vista place only to find out after the fact that they have had severe bed bug issues for years, and not just in the golf villas that we were assigned to, people on this site have reported having them in every type of suite/room in the hotel and in the condos! One person reported seeing bed bugs out by the water park even!
If only we had known about bed bug registry before we booked that room we NEVER would have stayed at the Chula Vista!
Through much argument the Chula finally refunded our money but it was quite the ordeal as we booked the room thru Priceline so at first Chula refused but then my husband called Priceline as he stood at the front desk and he got it handled.
They gave us a name , Phil, who at the Chula handles these situations but he was not working on Sun.
We called him 2x on Mon., and on Tues. It is now Wed. And no word from Phil.
We were told that we need to talk to him about reimbursing us for exterminator costs for our car, as it is considered a compromised area since we were in and out of thru the stay with luggage and clothing that had been in the bed bug hotel room.
Plus we had to throw out a lot as precautionary measure, dry cleaning expenses and god forbid if we end up with bed bugs in our home the Chula is responsible for covering those exterminator costs.
This ordeal just seems never ending and we are praying that no one else from our family and friends as there were a lot of people who stayed at the Chula have been compromised or have brought home bed bugs cuz had I not had one crawling on me the morning of checkout we would not have known, and we would not have known to take precautionary measures.

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I have been to chula Vista Resort many times over the years and it seems like every year it has gone down hill. I did not have any problems with bed bugs, but the cleanliness of the condo was not good. Beds were unmade in the 3rd bedroom of the condo (maybe I was suppose to make beds myself?)The room smelled bad, bandaid stuck to the condo wall-gross. feet stuck to the kitchen floor when you walked across it, bandaids floating in the hot tubs and lazy river ride. Unruly kids in adult hot tub and

long waits for elevators. I try not to complain but it cost me over $400.00 a night to stay here with my family and I do not feel that I got my moneys worth at all. The most dissappointing thing is no one got in touch with me when I pointed this out. I will never go there again, there are other resorts in the Dells who want my money and care that I am a satisfied customer.

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Me my boyfriend and our son stayed at this resort in December of 2013 and had a king suite in the 3300's with a river view. The first night was amazing and we had an awesome time. The second (our last) morning I woke up covered in huge red itchy welts. AT FIRST I THOUGHT I HAD BROKEN OUT IN HIVES AS MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER DID NOT HAVE THEM. After 2 days home the same red welts appeared on my boyfriend so I immediately started research and had him call the resort. I can say one thing for Chula Vist

a they are very responsive and very helpful and reassuring but our suite WAS FOUND POSITIVE FOR BED BUGS. Please be aware and beware!

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My son went with a friend on October 16th and 17th to Chula Vista in The Dells (room2214). A few days later I noticed he had itchy welts all over his body. He had them on his face, ears, legs, arms, chest and back. I called the hotel to speak with a manager. Ashley, the manager on duty explained that they have had outbreaks, and that every hotel in The Dells has them...instead of apogizing. She also explained they had people trained to investigate and deal with it, and would get back to me

the next day after "investigating." It has now been almost two weeks and I have left numerous messages with agents and voicemail. We have an estimate from Orkin to treat the house if he brought any home...$4000. Yes...$4000. Emily and Ashley the two managers I have been referred to have not been on the property even one time I have called asking for the manager on duty. I have spent $125 to take my son to a to the doctor. I also bought bedbug proof mattress protectors for four beds...$739 as you have to protect mattress and box springs. In addition to $47 worth of allergy and anti itch medicines. Not sure if the money I spent or the fact that the managment won't return my calls is more upsetting.

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The day I was checking out, I noticed a bug on my sheets, but didn't think much of it. After arriving back home, I broke out with severe bug bites, which have been diagnosed as bed bug bites. I am disgusted and feel violated knowing that these bugs were crawling on me during the night while staying at Chula Vista. The welts are only getting worse and are extremely itchy and very unattractive as they are all over my body, including my face. I asked that a representative from the hotel contact me

, but have not received a response yet (It hasn't been a full day, though). I am hoping I will be reimbursed for the stay.

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We stayed at Chula Vista Sunday sept 29th to
Monday sept 30th. After arriving home I noticed
I was itching. By Wednesday my boyfriend and
I had a rash. I had my home and my dog treTed for
Fleas, but it only got worse by Friday. My doctor
Thought it was hives. After reading online info
And finding bugs in my bed at 2;00 am I took it
Into an exterminator. It was identified as bed bugs.
I was horrified!!! I never spent the night any place
Else this year, and according to the exterminato

It was the correct time to have been picked up at
Chula Vista. I contacted them to no avail; when
I finally heard back from them they claimed
They inspected my jr suite and it was bug free.
I spent over $700 in exterminating my home; and
Will pay for up to nine more treatments if it
Persists to be a problem. Check your bed if you choose
To stay there. Even then; they may not be
Detected till it's too late as in my case. I will never
Stay there again; they refused to even aw knowledge
their bug problem.

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I stayed at this resort, like I have every year for the past six years, and this year (March 2013) I experienced bed bugs in one of their condos. I, along with three others in my condo, broke out with bites the second day of our stay. The resort was accomodating enough however when reporting it to the front desk employee on a Friday night, she told me she couldn't help me until the following morning and offered no other assistance. Basically, go back and sleep in your bug infested room. The room

was checked out first thing the next morning, we were all moved out, however I still had to discard well over $1200 in bags and clothing. It was a nightmare not to mention embarrassing and disgusting.

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We rented a 2 bedroom condo for 5 days starting July 11th, 2013, room 2619 to be exact. I had to this point never seen nor been bitten by a bed bug. However I did find a bug in my bed, captured it and showed it to the others that were staying with us. One of them immediately knew it was a bed bug. I killed it and thought well I am not bitten so it is okay and no reason to get the hotel staff involved (again this was my bed bug naivete). Upon returning my girlfriend broke out all over her body in

bed bug bites and I had a milder case. She is still recovering, They got her all over her back, neck, arms, face. Truly terrible, she works at the hospital and had to miss work because of the risk. We called the hotel and asked to speak to the manager, they said instead to leave a message with maintenance for room issues. We then called the county health department and they are investigating. I have stayed in true roach motels and not had this bad of an experience, scary stuff, especially considering how outrageous the cost of their condos are.

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My family stayed here on mothers day stayed in a king suite with river view. I am very over catious when it comes to bed bugs and check EveryThing once we get into a room. There where no signs of bed bugs in our room and I def did not find any. It was very outdated and not as clean as I would have hoped but no bed bugs :)

No bed bugs during my stay! I stayed for one night, Wednesday April 13th and although the carpeting was kind of gross, the bed was clean and I was bed bug bite free.

My family stayed at the Chula Vista in a 2 bedroom condo in March 2011 and it was very clean and we enjoyed our stay only problem was the stay was too short.


March 18, 19, 20, 2011

I was very satisified with the cleanliness of our condo at the Chula Vista resort. I am very paranoid about bedbugs so I thoroughly checked all 3 beds and the sofabed, and all were totally clean and clear! It put me at ease to read that the resort checks for bedbugs and has a sniffing dog come through to check. I admire that the resort takes this seriously. I agree with a fellow take the bedbug risk at ANY hotel. No hotel can PREVENT them since they are t

ransferred by guests. It is up to the hotel to take precautions to be aware of them and ELIMINATE them when found, and I believe Chula Vista takes these precautions. I was comfortable during my stay and I will return in the future to Chula Vista.

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Me and 5 friends stayed at the Chula Vista Resort this past weekend March 18th-20th. As I've been a little nervous about bed bugs after seeing this website before my trip I was very quick to begin checking for them after we checked in. After checking all the beds I did find what I thought to be a bed bug along with numerous stains on the mattresses and even the LAMP SHADES! I mean I get it, it's a hotel but when you're paying $250 a night, you'd think it'd be a little nicer than that. I called t

he desk to explain the situation and they sent someone immediately to check it out. The man who came was very polite an checked over our beds and furniture after putting my mind at ease that what I had found was not a bed bug but just a "piece of dirt". I told him that I still wanted to be moved because of the stains and that we also had been promised a balcony and had not received one. After calling the desk we were moved to a much nicer and cleaner room. The man also assured me that they do weekly checks with not only exterminators but bed bug sniffing dogs as well and have been clean for quite some time now.

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Stayed at Chula Vista on 2-24 & 2-25. Very concerned after reading reports on this registry. I contacted Chula Vista and spoke with Director of Hotel Operations. He was very reassuring that they take every precaution to prevent any bed bug situations. The staff checked our room as the bedding was completely removed when we arrived. I thoroughly checked our room and found no evidence of bed bugs. We had an outstanding time. The waterpark is clean and the staff friendly. The food was good. We woul

d go back to Chula Vista again.

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just wanted to let you know that the kaminski bros chophouse and chula vista are actually owned by the same people....the to the dude on thanksgiving...the buffet was more than full, and was more than likely on a first come first serve basis. also when you go to any hotel motel holiday in/ resort youre taking the risk of the bed bug situation. just like how everytime you get into a car you take the risk of getting into an accident...common sense. if youre sofreaked out about bed b

ugs, stay home. it happens.

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just wanted to let you know that the kaminski bros chophouse is owned by the same people....

I just returned from the Chula Vista, we had a large convention there from 2/7/11 – 2/9/11. After reading these posts…. prior to arriving I was **EXTREMELY** nervous to stay at this hotel. I spoke with Sean, a manager, from the hotel multiple times with a huge amount of questions for him regarding bed bugs, he returned my messages in a timely fashion and was very forthcoming with the information he had. He did advise they have taken measures to clean the rooms by having a exterminator come

in and have had a dog come though the property that can detect the bugs.
Our convention was for 369 people, I ended up staying at the resort along with quite a few of my fellow employees. None one of us had any bites or bed bugs that we were aware of in our rooms. And let tell you, we checked EVERY inch of the rooms.I watched videos online weeks prior to see how to correctly look for the bugs. WE did ‘talk’ about this topic quite a bit during the convention and I did not hear of anyone with problems or bits. Also please remember most hotels do at one time or another have complaints by customers of bed bugs. I/We were lucky!!!!! ~ Lori.

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My husband, 2 children and nephew stayed at the Chula for a volleyball tournament the weekend 01/08/11. Red bumps started appearing on their hands and arms within a week after the stay. I contacted the health department and through research on the internet I have confirmed that these are bed bug bites. I contacted the manager from the hotel who stated the director of facilities would be contacting me. I have not received a call. I would expect reimbursement for the room and can only hope t

hey were not transported back to our homes.

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My family stayed on January 21st and 22nd. On sunday morning of check out my husband noticed a lot of bites on his forearms. After returning home we noticed he had about 40 bites all over his body. I slept in the same bed and mine didnt start to show up until later on Sunday. They say everyone reacts diffenently to the bed bugs. I have contacted Chula Vista via e-mail but no response yet. I was with a very large group that was also using their conference center and have informed the compan

y to find another resort to use for such a conference in the future. We will see if Chula Vista will refund any of the cost of my stay which is all I asked for from Chula Vista. Hoping nothing was carried home but taking precautions.

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Chula Vista Resort has always put the safety and comfort of our guests as our top priority for over 50 years. We take a proactive and preventative approach in all of our operations that includes a rigorous inspection program and a trained ...housekeeping staff.

We are proud of our efforts regarding guest satisfaction and take comments such as these very seriously and continue to thoroughly investigate all situations.

Chula Vista Resort is truly dedicated in providing guests a superior lo

dging experience every time they choose to stay with us.

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We stayed at Chula Vista from 11-22-11-29-2010 One day I was sitting at the bar at the water park a bug started to crawl up me. I showed the bar person all he told me was to get that away from him.
Then two nights later my son has bug bites all over his one side and couple on his back. They first said they looked liked bed bites but they could not find any blood spots, after they left my son found 2 spots on the sheets right where he was sleeping, they came up and changed all the bedding a

nd offered us a new room.
The next day they gave us a free night stay. Too me thats not enough when we got home we had to rewash all are clothes and jackets, and undress in the garage so just in case we didn't have any bugs on us. All are bags have to stay out in the garage for a few more weeks to make sure all the bugs are killed,if they came home with us.
Then whats makes even hotter under my colar to find out that they had this issue before, Shawn the house keeping manager told me that this one of the first cases he has herd of. He is also back tracking all the words what the other people have told us.
Then the food very under staff, we had Thanksgiving Resv for 7:00 we did not get sat until 7:52 they were out of prime rib and potatoes. Thats what we went down for. They were also serving cold crab legs.

Now I see why they are trying too sell those packages, that can save you up to 80% a night.
Save your $8000-9000.00 who knows if this place will be here much longer.

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Will Not Return
By Tom Mccluney, 6/20/10
Overall really disapointed. Several families travel to the Dells every year. We have visted the resort to eat at the Kaminski Bros. Steak House, which is excellent... How an restraunt like that choose the Chula Vista I don't know and would suggest they find another location. We arrived and found a nice room until you looked a little closer, foo

d left under furnature, etc. There was pest control people everywhere, and a trailer with hoses going up to the 4 floor. The trailer was unmarked but said Thermo Remediation. I googled it... its used to treat bed bugs great! The water parks didn't open until 11:00 during the week, their wave pool is the size of the whirlpool in our room. Their indoor park is nice, with lots to do, but the water was a little cold. Staff, Life Guards didn't seem to care what people did. They had signs everywhere stating the rules but none were enforced. (like one person at a time down the slides.) There was some convention of Tow Trucks going on that took up all the general parking. Leaving very little for guest. People parked everywhere, No Parking, Fire lanes etc. and no tickets. there was a nice grassy feild I ended up parking in marked additional parking... Why wouldn't you park the tow trucks there? The convention had a DJ in a tent in the parking lot that played very loud music all night or atleast 3:00 am when I finally got to sleep because our room was extreamly hot and the AC froze our half the condo and was hot on the other half, I would have opened the window except for that DJ playing right outside. Then they advertized a Fathers Day Golf special, which simply said... Fathers play free with 1 paid round. When we arrived at the course there were several golfers milling around M Fing the course saying they wouldn't honor the special. Staff was not helpful and one was extremely rude. They stated the special was only good if your child was present, well mine is 4, so golfing with him may have taken a while. They sent us back to the hotel to complain. The front desk said they would honor the special but at that point as was in no mood to give them any of my $$$ or play golf on there substandard course. The don't have an arcade, rather a bunch of games scattered along a 1 block tunnel that runs from the hotel to the indoor water park. Overall Extremely disapointed. Although the Wilderness is slightly more $$$ we found out the hard way its worth it! I got the impression no one was running the place, it was just full of employees that worked there and there was this imaginary management they all refered to hidden maybe in Chicago...

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“Bed Bugs”
Chula Vista Resort
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GHWisconsin 2 contributions
Glen Haven, Wisconsin
Oct 11, 2010 | Trip type: Friends getaway

I stayed at the Chula Vista with several of my close friends. We booked a golf villa. My friend went to bed and pulled open the sheets and found a bed bug; the manageme

nt confirmed it was in fact a bed bug and moved us two rooms down. There, I found another bed bug in my bed. This too was confirmed. We didn't go looking for them; the bugs were in plain sight on the sheeted mattress. Managment then moved us a second time to a two bedroom condo after we insisted that we be moved out of this building. The two bedroom condo was beautiful and wasn't infested (that we know of). Management handled this matter professionally and did give us an upgrade.
The meal we had Friday night at Howlers Sports Bar was average, if not below average.
Since this was "girls' weekend, we did not venture to the waterpark area.
This review is to alert travelers to be aware that even the top-rated resorts are being infected with bed bugs.

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