Days Inn
6311 Rostad Cir
Windsor, WI 53598-9402

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Monday dec 21 don't stay at this hotel they have bed bugs.
I have bites on arms and neck

One of our employees stayed at the Days Inn- in Windsor, WI on 10/26/2015. The next day he woke up covered with Bed Bug Bites... including all over his face. He reported the incident to management on site and they didn't even offer him a refund!

Buyer beware at this place.

10/23/15 Checked in, noticed standard sheets on queen sized beds. (?) Noticed bathroom floor was very dirty. Turned on air conditioner, smelled of urine. Very dirty carpet in room. Pictures had been forcibly removed off walls. Spent the night. 10/24/15 Checked out, drove home, brought luggage into house. Unzipped first luggage, bedbug (not quite adult) in center of top piece of clothing. Got magnifying glass to be sure, moved bug to see-thru container, accidentally squished it while doing

so, blood came out, went on line, learned of their life cycle, called exterminator, was assured if I moved all bags out of house, put all clothing through dryer cycle, plastic bagged luggage til zero temps, I should be fine. I followed my directions. 3AM next morning, saw adult crawling in bathroom. Added that bug to collection. 8AM called exterminator. Exterminator instructed me to remove all clothing from drawers, remove all bedding and pillows, I asked if I could have the luggage sprayed, we removed plastic bags off of the luggage. Exterminator pointed out live bed bugs on outside edges. Exterminator usually charges $1200.00, but since this was a recent infestation, only charged $900.00. $900.00!!!!!!!! After laundering clothing for hours at the laundromat, ($$$$$) I am exhausted and furious. My friend told me about this website.

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