Marriott Racine
7111 Washington Ave
Racine, WI

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The morning of October 11th between 8:00-8:30am my husband, just married on the 10th, went to get back in bed and noticed a very small dot on the white sheets of our bed. He flicked it and it landed on the floor. Once he located it, he squished it. He then brought it over to where I was in the suite to show me and ask me what I thought it was. Right away I said a bed bug. I then went back to check more of the bed and I found two more on the underside of the pillows of which I was lying on.

I immediately stopped checking for more and headed to the front desk. When I asked for a manager to come to my room immediately I was told there was no manager on duty only a supervisor in housekeeping. I asked that she be sent. I took a picture of the bugs as I was showing them to her and she tried to tell me that this has never been a concern at this hotel and that she was extremely sorry this happened. She told me that she would inform her manager right away and that he would be in contact with me. She did that and he did call me back in about 45 minutes or so. He offered us to leave all of our belongings in the room and they would have everything cleaned for us and shipped to our address OR we could take our things and they would reimburse us for any charges that we may incur due to having to deal with bed bugs such as having my wedding dress and flower girl dress dry cleaned professionally. He did also inform me that we would not have to pay for either night that we stayed because my husband stayed the 9th as well. The housekeeping manager told me that they have someone come in on a monthly basis to check all of the rooms and it has never been found that they have bed bugs. He also tried to tell me that this was the first case they have ever had. I told him that I would be in touch with him as well as the sales rep that I dealt with and the general manager which I have not heard back from yet because he is too busy traveling for work. I had 24-26 rooms rented out that weekend by friends and family that could have and may still be at risk for bed bugs because I cannot say for sure that it was just isolated to the suite we stayed. Since that weekend I have received emails from the sales rep saying that she will make sure things get taken care of and that housekeeping manager stating that our room and the surrounding rooms have been checked and they only found those two bed bugs that I found on the underside of my pillow. The front desk workers told me that this was something that they do report it to the health department, but I have come to find out that they did not do that either. I wonder how many other people have been at this hotel and not known about it and are now at risk. Should the hotel be held responsible for informing past customers of this situation?

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