Days Inn
N5781 State Road 78
Portage, WI 53901

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I stayed in a room on the 1st floor on July 10,2015. I went to the front desk and there was no one there, so I went back to my room and dialed "0" for the operator of the front desk,and the girl who answered sounded put out that I was bothering her, but said that I could meet her at the front desk and tell her about my problem. I went down to the front desk and waited for about 10 minutes and finally the front desk clerk (Jennifer) came in and smelled heavily of cigarette smoke. I told her that

I believed that we had bed bugs in our room, and she acted like she could care less about our concern. I asked her if we could have a different room, and she got very snotty and said there were no more rooms available. I asked if I could check out, and she said sure but we would still be charged. I asked her what we could do because I didn't want to take any bedbugs home with me, and she said that they "probably" aren't bed bugs, so there is no need to worry. We decided to check out and eat the cost of the room for the night. We did however take a bug back with us in a plastic zip lock bag and took it to the Health Department in Ilinois, and they confirmed our suspicions that it was a bed bug. After the way we were treated after voicing our concerns, I would never stay here again and I would highly recommend that others don't.

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I will not say that I have had any bedbugs when staying at this hotel. However, the room that I stayed in was very messy. There was long hair in the bathroom sink, long hair in the shower, the shower was older, the garbages in the hallway were filled with empty pizza boxes, & had not been emptied at all.

Also, this hotel was probably one of the noisiest hotels that I have ever stayed at before. I was awake most of the night because there were other guests yelling down the hallway. I called th

e front desk to inform them about this. However, nothing was done because I could still hear people yelling quite a while later.

The food was ok, but very mediocre. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. If you want a nice Days Inn hotel, there's one about 30 miles south near Madison.

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This is in response to the boyfriend of a former employee at the Days Inn. The only reason that he posted this on here is because his girlfriend was fired for misconduct at work. We at the hotel had our pest control person come in and inspect the room that allegedly had bedbugs, and they found no trace of bedbugs at all. I feel that the "anonymous" posting should be removed as it is totally baseless and false.

my girlfriend works at this hotel where the have bed bugs!!! they were told to keep the room closed for a min. of 7 days after it was sprayed and opened the room back up only after 2 days!!! needless to say the are still there and they keep renting the rooms out!!! im posting this cause i would not want to sleep with bed bugs nor should you!!

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