Country Springs Hotel
2810 Golf Rd
Pewaukee, WI 53072

Found 3 reports:

I went here for a wedding weekend, and found a bed bug crawling on my bed in the morning. Requested a new room, and that bed had a bug in it too! The housekeeping manager refused that the second bug was a bed bug. The third room seemed clean, but woke up the following morning with a dead bug on the side of the bathtub! All three bugs looked the same as the first, which the housekeeping manager confirmed was a bed bug.
I will NEVER visit this establishment again!

My family went to spend some quality time at this hotel which in turn became a nightmare for us. The bedbugs bit our seven year old daughter badly. This place should be torn down because of its unhygienic conditions. I will never ever stay there again.

i was at country springs having a great time on the water slides and all of the sudden my kids looked at there arms and noticed bites i blew it off as nothing. we went back to the room and there were rd blood marks on the bed and little bed bugs creeping all over our bed. that is the last time i stay at the country springs.! YUCK!!!!!

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