La Quinta Inn Oshkosh
1950 Omro Rd
Oshkosh, WI

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I stayed at the La Quinta in Oshkosh for four nights. I then started to notice red bumps all over my arms and on my legs. I went to the doctor and was informed that I had bed bugs. I called the La Quinta and they conducted a search and uncovered bed bugs in room 218.

you guys need to have a way of deleting reports!

I'm la quinta oshkosh....and learned to my happiness I had a batbug and not a bedbug. If you find a critter, put the live critter in rubbing alcohol and don't squish it like I accidentally did, because that made ID harder. A batbug is identical to a bedbug except under a microscope.

The Manager of La Quinta phoned following my call there, and said he personally inspected the room, and that it was checked by a pro the week before. They are ve

ry meticulous in staying on top of things. He was polite, helpful, and genuinely concerned. The staff there were awesome while I stayed, the maid was wonderful.

I'm sorry I made this report erroneously and want to say, DELETE THE WRONG REPORT! And SAVE YOUR BUGS for an expert ID!

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july 21-24

Oshkosh la Quinta room 119

Inspected the sheets but did not do headboard check, etc. Made all the mistakes, left luggage on floor, dropped clothes onto floor, had clothes on bed. Had bites under chin but thought I got them at the lake at night parties from skeeters.

Came home, second day home woke up with bloody scab on head. Made bed and found a live bedbug, fat and juicy, adult phase. taped him, transported him to bathroom to stick on mirror and with only slight pressure to

mirror he exploded in blood.

Had a report the Hilton had bedbug problems so thought I'd take a gamble with la Quinta. It was a gamble all right! Now I know a lot more about bedbugs than I want to know, and the cleanup is gonna cost me a bundle in my own home.

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