Holiday Inn Neenah
123 E Wisconsin Ave
Neenah, WI 54956-3007

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Thank you for sharing your concerns. Please know that the Holiday Inn Neenah Riverwalk holds itself to high standards of cleanliness and service; and, we respond immediately to all reports of guestroom contamination, insect or otherwise.

Working closely with a professional pest control service, our trained personnel conduct proactive daily, monthly, and quarterly inspections (including canine scent inspection which is approximately 90% accurate in detecting bed bugs).

Bed bug infestatio

n does not mean the hotel is unsanitary or the current pest control company is not properly doing their job. This growing epidemic can affect any hotel at anytime. Bed bugs travel from place to place by hitching rides on items such as suitcases and soft goods.

Typically, bed bugs are brought into a hotel by a guest. The guest usually has no ideas he or she is transporting the bugs. Bed bugs usually hide in small, dark areas of luggage. When the guest stays in the room, the bugs transfer from their luggage and clothing into the hotel’s bed, carpeting, and fixtures.

When we travel with our own children and loved ones, we have found it increasingly difficult to stay anywhere that has not had some exposure to bed bugs, lice, fleas, or some type of contamination. As a result, it is more important for our families to stay somewhere, like that Holiday Inn Neenah Riverwalk, that has a proactive inspection plan for early detection and guidelines for safe and complete removal of pests.

Once again, we thank you for sharing your insights and for helping us make a great hotel, guests love.


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My sisters and I just checked out of the Holiday Inn, Neenah, WI. 12/5/10 We're from Chicago so we are already traumatized from the stories of bed bugs in our nicest hotels. We checked the mattresses and floors during the day and then again at night. Everything was pretty well cleaned. We didn't see anything and have no bites but I heard they can take up to two weeks to show. I wish I would have found this review earlier. If my luggage is full of these guys I'm going to have a stroke!! Disgustin


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Someone from my work got them from here and she was staying on the 7th floor. She stayed in late Sep early October 2010. She had bites all over her. Gross!

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