Ramada Inn City Center
633 W Michigan St
Milwaukee, WI

Found 8 reports:

August 9/10 2014

Woke up in the morning to find two bedbugs on separate beds in our room. We didn't have time to deal with it right then and put them in a baggie to show at front desk later. They stated we must have found dead bedbugs. As we were moving rooms we found a live one and had the manager (Gerry), the head cleaning person (Hilda), and the maintenance guy all in our room to view the live bug crawling on the bed. They claimed this has never happened before. We managed to get the o

wner of the hotel on the phone and he said he would not refund the room cost because it costs him revenue to do that. Freaking disgusting. This Ramada does not live up to the Ramada name. It is more on the caliber of a motel 6.

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My mother and I stayed here. I woke up in the middle of the night itching. In the morning I had a least a dozen bits. We found 2 bedbugs. Yuck.. we felt like the management thought we brought them in, which was not the case. We will never stay there again.

Stayed here (Ramada downtown Milwaukee) for 4 nights in september 2013. Found a dead Bedbug in the bathroom on the last day of our stay. We notified the front desk staff.
Friends who stayed here at the same time were notified by us. The hotel denies knowing about the problem and also denies being told about the problem.

Stayed at the hotel for 8 nights. Did not find any bedbugs during my stay, but a friend of mine who was staying in a different room at the same time told me after the fact that he found one in his room. Now, 3 weeks later, my wife has had over 40 bites and we have found 4 live bedbugs at our home. We are having the exterminators coming in 2 days to heat treat our house to get rid of them. It is going to cost up to $2000 to rid our home of these creatures. The worst part is, I spoke to the manage

r today on the phone, and they said they have not had any complaints of bedbugs, while I know my friend did tell the lady at the front desk.

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Checked for bed bugs at night, but I didn't find any. In the morning, however, I found one dead next to my pillow in the morning.

Stayed here 1 night. Found 3 Live bed bugs. One on the side of the mattress, and 2 crawling on the pillows. DISGUSTING!

I stayed at this hotel for 4 nights and never found a bed bug.

Found three live beg bugs. Two in a pillow and one on the wall near headboard.

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