Pfister Hotel
424 E Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI

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Thank you very much for your posting on 10/12/11 regarding the Pfister Hotel. Our apologies for any delay in response to your post, as I understand we were unable to connect personally until later on the 12th with you. We take the care of our guests very seriously and appreciate the opportunity you gave us to investigate immediately.
While we share your frustration with your bites, we are pleased to confirm the report that we discussed on the phone together that the professional third party i

nspection of the room you were in with us determined no evidence of bed bugs present. In addition, we took the precaution to investigate the surrounding rooms, and these also were found without any pests.
We wish you a speedy and full recovery from the bites, and welcome your return to Milwaukee at any time.
Omar Naimi: Director of Operations - The Pfister Hotel

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I stayed at the Pfister for my sister's bachelorette party... the bed was super comfortable, but it apparantly it came with some little critters. I woke up the next morning and was in a hurry to get to an appointment. We checked out, and all the way home I was itchy... come to find I had been bitten more than 20 times by bugs... all over my body. I called the hotel, and they took a message, but never even called me back.

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