Hotel Metro Milwaukee
411 E Mason St
Milwaukee, WI

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Just came home today from Hotel Metro stayed in room 307. My partner has found several bites on her foot and ankle. They itch and we are concerned they are from bedbugs. We are washing everything. We have not contacted the hotel yet.

Saturday October 20, 2012 I stayed at Hotel Metro in room 210. I woke in the morning and felt a small bump on my leg. I was suspicious so took a look at the box spring, by lifting up the cotton decorative cover which was stapled/nailed down to the box spring. The box spring had black dots on it,indicating bed bugs. When I got home, I noticed 3 clusters of bed bug bites on my leg. I called the hotel and emailed them pictures of the bites and I am still waiting to hear back from the hotel mana

ger. I've thrown out my suitcases, and have been washing everything in hot water & hot dryer, but I'm still very concerned about the possibility that the bedbugs could have come home with me.

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Monday,April 17, 2012, I stayed in Room 207. Everything was fine, until I noticed on my way home the following day some small bumps on my forehead. By Thursday, these were significant welts. They itch and are tender to the touch and they look like bug bites. I have contacted the hotel and so far, they have not responded.

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