Doubletree Milwaukee City Center
611 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53203

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I stayed at the Doubletree in Milwaukee City Center on 3/29/2012-3/30/2012 on Floor 3 and had a bad encounter with bed bugs. I got home the next day and noticed red bumps, itchiness, and overall irritation. I went to the doctor and they said I was bitten from bed bugs. Luckily, there are no signs of me bringing them home but Doubletree did refund my stay and will pay if I need to have an exterminator come to my house.

As a frequent guest of this hotel, More than 150 night in 2010 (yes that says 150), I have never once had an issue with bedbugs, I think the report on this website is outrageous and without merit. I too am a road warrior and have stayed at hundreds of hotels over my more then 15 years traveling for business and pleasure and this hotel is by far the best I've ever experienced from a price to value perspective.

As General Manager for the Doubletree Milwaukee City Center we take this very seriously. We have instructed our housekeeping staff on what to look for in several traingings. In addition we have a pest control company come into the rooms twice yearly to inspect. This is an extensive inspection the headboards are removed bedding is stripped mattresses, box springs, night stands and furniture is inspected. A residual powed is applied to the cleat of the headboard and outlet covers and along the

baseboards. We had just completed the entire building inspection on the 13th of December with out issue. The room in question was checked nothing was detected my apologies for not contacting the guest to follow up. We will continue to monitor this room to be 100% sure.

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I stayed at the hotel for three nights (Dec 13th-16th). The morning after the second night I was itching around my shin/ankle area. I have stayed in this hotel many times before without incident so I thought it was just dry skin and applied lotion. However, the morning after the third night it was much worse and when I looked at my shins I had red bumps. I notified the staff about it when I checked out. I didn't want to start a freak out among the guests so I waited until no one else was ar

ound to tell the front desk worker. She wrote something down and said she would let someone know but I don't really know what happened after to that. I have to stay in hotels all the time for work and this is first time something like this has happened. However, because i have to stay in hotels a lot bedbugs freak me out and I never want to bring them home with me.

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