Chalet Motel
1301 Marinette Ave
Marinette, WI 54143-3147

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My husband got a new job in town and had no place to stay as we live out of town. We decided to pay monthly so my husband could stay M-F while he worked and I could visit on my days off. My husband came home Thursday night September 8, 2011 and Friday morning (9-9-11) I noticed many welts that we attributed to mosquito bites. However, we both returned back to motel to stay Monday and Tuesday night, 9-12/9-13-11. On the evening of 9-13, a tuesday, after my husband returned back to motel from

work the welts had increased and multiplied covering arms, legs, face, back, chest, and even the corner of his eye. We then started to inspect the bed after realizing these were not mosquito bites and found many black stains/blood stains to sheets/mattress. Also, many casts that were tan/yellow in color. After more inspecting we found a bug under the sheets in the corner of our bed and called the desk right away. Two women came running down the hall, changed the sheets, and were spraying an unknown bottle of something. We then tried to get another room and we were told all rooms were full. Later about 3 a.m. mind you we are on no sleep at all the owner called my husband to the desk to let us know he does not believe these were bed bugs. We asked for a refund which would have been approximately 2 more weeks of stay, which we were then refused. The next morning on 9-14-11 we woke up with new blood stains to sheets, mind you the sheets had been changed less than 8 hours ago, and also found another bed bug, which we took to the health department for confirmation. A refund was still refused at this time. We also had to pay many expenses as we had to dispose of our luggage, my purse, wash all clothing, and place other electronics (computer, alarm clock, cell phone) in the freezer and hope for the best. I'm still terrified to this day that we brought our tiny new friends home! =( As I have read that you must seek a professional for any infestations. My husbands welts are now finally starting to resolve going on about a week now. Also, some added information, we were informed, that this motel "houses" the local strippers/prostitues. The whole 2 weeks my husband stayed no one was in to clean the room, change the sheets, or clean the bathroom. Very dirty, there was even a mattress in the hallway on top of a coffee table, possibly this was infested with beg bugs also? Ugh, I will never let him pick the place to stay ever again!!! Affordable or not!

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