Woodfield Suites Madison
5217 E Terrace Dr
Madison, WI

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I am the manager of this hotel. We have NEVER had bed bugs at this hotel. I have worked here from the date we have opened. How are these reports being verified? Bedbugs are a serious problem that I am sure we would know about. Is it possible other bugs might be biting some of the people reporting on this site?

We moved into this apartment in May (The Crossings at Elver Park. We noticed little red or brown bugs occasionally crawling up the walls. I didn't think much of it until we started waking up in the morning with bites all over us. That's when I started looking online to see what they were. I was horrified to discover they were bedbugs.

I was put in this motel by the university. I was there only one night and woke up with what i thought to be a mosquito bite. As thw day went by the more intense the itching became. The bite turned into a severe rash/hives... It spread from my hands... To anywhere i would touch on my body... Including my face. It was a horrible experience. I went to the doctor 3 times as soon as I got back home in Oklahoma. They said I had a sebere allergic reaction to a bedbug bite. This happend around t

he end of June 2007 in room 205. I just heard about this site from Menshealth.

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