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One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Found 3 reports:

1/1/2015- my family stayed at the timber lodge over the weekend. I have a huge fear of bed bugs. I ripped all of the bedding off, looking for them. I found nothing. I was impressed with joe clean the beds were.

Stayed in the main lodge and didn't have any problems. I checked the bed and room before I unpacked and didn't see any signs.

We stayed at the Timber Ridge Resort/Waterpark in Lake Geneva with our children 4th of July weekend 2009. My daughter has red welts in a row on her face and back which are bed bug bites. She was sleeping on the pullout couch. Also, we happened to run in to some friends from our neighborhood and their son had red welts in a straight line on his body too. His mother pointed them out to us at the pool and they are the same marks my daughter has. At the time neither of us knew what the red mark

s/welts were, now we know they are bed bug bites.

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