Grand Geneva Resort & Spa
7036 Wi-50
Lake Geneva, WI 53147-3647

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A couple of weeks ago, our family slept there two nights. My wife and me got bitten by bedbugs.

In reference to my report on 3/4/2013... Management at Timber Ridge said they had the room I stayed in inspected as well as the room next to ours. There were no findings of bed bugs. I went to the dermatologist and she confirmed that I did have over 70 bites that were from a bug. Without the evidence of the actual bug, a "formal diagnosis" can't be given that it is in fact from a "bed" bug. I am being treated for bed bug bites. I called the manager back at Timber Ridge to tell them about m

y diagnosis. He was very nice and apologetic, but was confused because there were no findings of bugs the previous day.

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Planned on having a great weekend with my family at the Timber Ridge Lodge in the beginning of March 2013 only to have it cut short due to being bit all over my body by bed bugs the first night we were there. I inspected the beds after checking in as well as the next day after I encountered all of the bites. I did not see any signs of the bugs; however, it is 100% that they are bed bug bites. We immediately packed our things and checked out.

Brought a rollaway up to the room. Slept on a rollaway and woke up with over 20 bites. 14 on one hip.

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