Radisson Hotel La Crosse
200 Harborview Plz
La Crosse, WI

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Stayed at the Radisson Hotel 1/26/13 and 1/27/13. After first night I woke up fine and after the second night I woke up with bed bug bites all over my arms and a few on my ankles/toes. I luckily had worn sweatpants and a t-shirt to bed so those areas remained fairly unaffected.

Stayed here on a work trip 7/17/11 through 7/22/11. I came for some training at one of the larger companies in this area. The room did not feel the cleanest first walking in (bathroom floor a little gummy and sheets not cleanest feeling) but I was tired on Sunday night and blamed it on the humidity and just went to bed. I woke up my second day here itching all over my arms and legs and wrists, and sure enough I had raised swollen bites in all these places. By instict I lifted up the pillows

after discovering this and there was a bug crawling underneath the one I had slept on. I caught it on a glass and brought it down to the front desk and they changed my room immediately. It was confirmed the next day that it was bed bugs. For the entire rest of the week more bites appeared (they do not show up right away) and itched like crazy. The hotel drycleaned all of my clothing and "heat treated" all luggage I had so I am pretty confident I didn't bring them home with me. I am home away from this hotel now but the bites I do have (at least 30 of them) are terrible and 100 times worse than mosquito bites, still painful,itching and swollen. This was my first time traveling for work and needless to say I could have done without this traumatizing experience.

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