Baymont Inn Janesville
616 Midland Rd
Janesville, WI

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My husband and I had booked this hotel for a short stop on a road trip home. It was only $5 more than the Motel 6 and looked much nicer. When we went to bed, my husband noted that he felt itchy but we didn't see anything at first. Less than two hours after that he jumped out of bed when he realized he had a bed bug crawling on him. I also realized I had one on my arm. We killed the four that we found on top of the sheets so management could see them. We didn't even look to see if we could find

anymore, because we were so grossed out! We had bites all over. The only person on duty at the time was the girl at the desk. She came up to our room and inspected. She told us our credit card would not be charged and was very apologetic, but we will never stay here again! We were in room 404 on December 18th. The desk clerk was not aware of any issues with bed bugs before this, but I found a complaint on TripAdvisor from August about bed bugs that management did not take seriously!

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Oct 23, 2014. We stayed one night, found bed bugs in the king bed in room 416. Lifted up the mattress and found more. Also saw the stains of their poop on the white sheets.

Reported to manager and brought one bug down to her in a baggie. She was helpful and comped the room, but not sure if they'll do anything about it.

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