Radisson Hotel & Conference Center Green Bay
2040 Airport Dr
Green Bay, WI 54313

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My husband and I stayed there for our anniversary. We never thought the check the bed for bedbugs but now we wish we would have. After we got home my husband noticed 12 bites on his stomach that were quite painful. It wasn't until I looked it up due to the odd pattern as there is 4 groups of 3 bites did I figure out what it was. Now we are cleaning and sanitizing everything to ensure nothing came home with us. Very disappointing experience.

Date 01/25/2013 - we checked in at 7pm by 9:30pm I found 6-10 bugs in the pillows and under the sheets. We reported it to the front desk and checked out at 10pm. These definitely looked like bedbugs. I even was able to kill a few and they left a stain as though they had just eaten. Yuck!!

December 10, 2011. We spent the night before in room 316. In the morning as we packed to leave we found a bug crawling on the sheets of the bed we slept in. We looked up bed bugs on line and found the bug we found looked like a bed bug and fit the description. We captured the live bug in a paper cup and took it to the manager (Todd Casper). He said he would remove all charges from our bill. He said he does not know what a bed bug looks like. He offered to keep the bug and show it to his p

est control person. We allowed this since he said he would call us and let us know what it was. He has not called. I called and left a message days ago. We now believe that it must have been a bed bug.

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