Baymont Inn Milwaukee Grafton
1415 N Port Washington Rd
Grafton, WI

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We stayed at this hotel on Saturday June 2, 2012. This morning June 10th my husband and I woke up with bed bug bites on our stomachs and backs. This had not been the case prior to traveling so we must have brought something back to our house from this hotel. I will be contacting the hotel directly as well.

Baymont Management Response:

This was an isolated incident that we encountered in only one room. Our hotel has a contract with a Pest Control company that comes out and inspects our rooms on a monthly basis. They were called as soon as this incident happened and the room was treated. The woman also called the health department and they showed up and did an inspection of our property and found no sign of bed bugs. They gave us a clean bill of health. HOW DOES A HOTEL BECOME INFESTED

In most cases, guests carry bed bugs into hotels
unknowingly, in their luggage, clothing, blankets,
and pillows. Hotels with high occupancy turnover
are especially vulnerable to infestation. There is
little that can be done to prevent guests from
bringing in bed bugs. No hotel is immune to bed bugs. We are committed to guest satisfaction.

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Date: 12.18.2010.

We checked into our hotel room around 6:30pm after a long flight. We left our room to have dinner with family and returned around 12:30pm. We went to make up the bed on the pull out couch when we discovered that there was no mattress. So, we moved the mattress from one of the queen size beds to the couch. Upon moving the queen mattress from the bed, we discovered the mattress was in fact infested with bed bugs!

We complained to the front desk. The woman at the front

desk said that room has been infested before and she was sorry. The hotel had never tried to fumigate or take any action to remove the bugs or to prevent them.

We were up until 5:00am doing laundry and moving to another room. Horrible experience and the hotel did not help us at all!

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