Pine Ridge Motel
405 County Road Yz
Dodgeville, WI
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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I got bitten after a night at this hotel. Although I did not follow up at the time, when I did call management at the end of my trip a week later more for the purpose of warning them, a very angry foreign language speaking woman got extremely angry on the phone and shouted that she would not refund me my money. I had not asked for a refund at this point. She then hung up on me. I've checked the other hotels on my trip, and they checked the room and one even called out for a professional to issue

d a formal report -- they took this very seriously. So I'm now of the opinion that this hotel is where I picked up bed bugs and accidentally brought them home with me. Yuck!!! the lady on the phone was very scary. I would never stay in this hotel again and would definitely not recommend it to anyone else.

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I am the Owner Mike of this Motel. We have NEVER had bed bugs at this Motel. I have Owned since long this Motel we have opened. How are these reports being verified? Bedbugs are a serious problem that I am sure we would know about. Is it possible other bugs might see. some of the people reporting on this site look awar different web site review .

This occurred on Saturday, June 28, 2014. I believe that it was Room 5.

When I inspected the room after checking in, there were clear signs on the mattress of bedbugs. It looked like this, but with far more spots:

To their credit, they refunded my payment; but what bothered me was the constant denial. "We've never had a complaint." That was the litany, both from Garth and from Mike, the manager.

Later, Mike a

sked me where we had ended up staying. We demurred at first, so he guessed about another nearby hotel and said, "they have them too". When we finally told him where we stayed, he said the same. The fact that he said "too" was not in concert with his previous denial.

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I stopped at the hotel on June 9th, 2013 at the end of a long day driving and just wanted to take a shower and sleep. Because I travel for work I always check hotel beds and furniture thoroughly. After getting to room 11 I pulled the sheets back and found two shed bed bug husks under the seams of the mattress. I continued my search and found smeared blood where bugs had been smashed and other debris. I took pictures of all this. As I was putting the mattress back in place I found a live bed bug

trying to get back inside the seam. I caught it so I could show the owner. When I went to the office to tell them I couldn't stay there the owner got very angry with me and demanded I show him the bug. He raised his voice at me and hurled the bed up on its side then against the wall to show me that bedbugs are "all over! Not just one". I did get a full refund but he scared me. I went somewhere else.

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