Comfort Suites Delavan
313 Bauer Pkwy
Delavan, WI 53115

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I felt as though I may have had some bites by what may have been some small bugs shortly after getting into bed but didn't see anything, and then woke up at 2am, got up and used the restroom, and then flipped on the light switch by the entrance way which also turned on a light in the main room over near the bed. I sat down at a desk and turned on my laptop since I was awake to check emails and when I looked over toward the bed as the laptop was starting, I could see black images moving across th

e sheets and pillows. I got up and walked over toward the bed and there were several large, black bed bugs! I picked up the pad of paper left on the night stand and killed them with it using the cardboard back, and then noticed another bug on the other side of the bed so walked over and killed that one too.

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