Motel 6
E10892 Fern Dell Rd
Baraboo, WI

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I know Bob the manager. He is never rude to anyone. Why people overreact and write awful things about really great people is beyond me. Anyway Bob is wonderful and not bedbugs at the Motel 6 in Lake Delton.

I have stayed at this hotel for the past three years whenever I am in the Dells and I have had no issues. The hotel rooms are very clean and the staff is nice. I would reccommend this hotel to anyone.

August 2010..I booked my room thru the 800 number not the motel site. When I was checking in, the owner was charging me a higher rate than what I was told at the main office. He gave me such a hard time, that I resorted to recalling the main number to complain. The end result was that the main office contacted the owner immediately and he was told to give me a refund on what I was overcharged. He was also very rude and uncaring. I did not see any bedbugs. That's the only thing going for tht mote


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My husband and I stayed here at the end of November, 2011.

This is the first time we stayed here under the Motel 6 name. We had no problems and, in fact, were impressed by how clean this hotel is.

We know what to look for and this Motel 6 did not have bed bugs.

My husband and I have been staying at this hotel for close to five years now. We love this place, that's why I was so surprised when I came on this website. We checked our room after we checked in and we didn't see any bedbugs. We slept through the night just fine. This is our favorite hotel in the dells and we will continue to stay there.

Dear reader,

The two bedbug reports that were filed on this website have been thoroughly investigated. No such bedbugs were ever found. All our staff has been trained and knows what to look for. What must be understood is that bedbugs can be acquired from anywhere, not just hotels. It is not only irresponsible but also damaging to post false statements. To put words in our staff mouths and say "even the staff will tell you to stay somewhere else," is a horrible practice.

Stayed at this hotel November 30th - October 1st. Eight or nine days later, I noticed bumps on my hands and wrists - some in lines of three. A few days later, they spread appeared on my neck and face.

They have bed bugs REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD!!!!!!!! The owner is hiding it, and ignoring it! They are horrible and the place is nasty, the staff will even tell you to stay some place else, DONT STAY HERE!

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