Country Inn & Suites Appleton, WI
355 Fox River Dr
Appleton, WI 54913

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I stayed at this hotel on 9/12 to 9/14, 2014. I got bit approximately 21 times on my leg. At first I thought that I I had gotten bit my gnats or something, however, after a few days of extreme itching, I went to he doctor. She confirmed that they were indeed bed bug bites. I called the hotel and informed them and the said that they would check the room. I just did not want this to happen to anyone else. I wrote a letter to the management of this hotel requesting a refund and compensation for my

MD visit deductible. To date, no one has contacted me. Now that I see another guest encountered them, it makes me even angrier. Please check the bed very carefully at any hotel that you stay at. I am very disappointed that this hotel never acknowledged my concerns.

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I went to Country Inn & Suites last night to stay while on business. When I got to the room, there was a bed bug crawling on the sheet. I work in property management and have been to seminars about bed bugs and this was definitely a bed bug. When I called down to the desk, they offered me another room and did not question the bug which gives me the impression this happens probably more times than they would like.
I instead asked to leave the hotel and they gave me a full refund of the room. The

y were apologetic and nice about the situation but it was still gross and I was not going to stay at their hotel.

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Traveled with co employee to this hotel. He found bed bugs in his room. He called the hotel manager and the manager confirmed that there were bed bugs in his room. The manager offered him another room and he also found a bed bug in that room. So my co-employee left and went to the near by residence in. The manager reduced his rate by half.

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