Comfort Suites Appleton Airport
3809 W Wisconsin Ave
Appleton, WI

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My husband and I stayed there on October 27, 2012. I am well aware that many hotels have bedbugs, so I make it a habit to check the bed, headboard and walls thoroughly before we even bring in our luggage. We got to our room (room 212) and I lifted the sheets, looked between the mattress and box spring, looked between the mattress pad and sheet and again between the mattress bad and the mattress. I checked the wall by the headboard, I checked the actual headboard (all the while using a flash ligh

t I might add) and I didn't see anything. I lifted the 5 pillows they had neatly placed on the bed and there was a bedbug. Just crawling around right under the pillow. We left and went down to the front desk and I told her I found a bedbug and all she said was we have 2 other rooms available. Take both keys and check them and see if you want to stay in one of those. Our next room appeared to be fine. My husband and I used our flashlights and checked everything more than once. I used a tissue along the inside of the headboard to see if there were any hiding in there. It seemed to be fine. I still spent the night, but managed to have an all night panic attack because I knew they were in the hotel. I won't ever stay at this hotel again and I don't plan on traveling for a while. I didn't travel for 4 years because the reports were so bad on bedbugs. I finally travel again and I find a live one in the bed I'm supposed to sleep in. No Thank you!

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my parents arrived in Appleton from Arizona the beginning of July, 2012. They were coming here to visit me (their daughter) and my family for the summer. After approximatly 30 days, my mom started to exhibit a few itchy, red, raised lumps on her back and arms. She figured they were mosquito bites. The following week she had a few more on her neck and legs. Again, because she has always had a bad reaction to mosquito bites figured it was either that or perhaps spider bites. Because she was

so uncomfortable and feeling as though this was more then mosquito bites went to the front desk and said she felt she may be getting spider bites. The front clerk said she would notify the maintenance man and send him down to check her room. It took until the following day for the maintenance man to come and all he did was leave my parents a can of raid! My parents were shocked, however, sprayed the room and left for a few hours because of the smell. Another week went by, so we are now in week 3 and my mom continues to be very uncomfortable and getting more and more itchy red lumps. She wondered if she may be having hives from the laundry detergent the hotel was using so I gave her pillow cases and a sheet from my home to use. That following morning my mom wakes up to begins to straighten the bed (my parents are very need people)and finds a fairly large bug in the bed. My mom freaks out and immediately puts the bug into a cup and brings it to the front desk and demands they send an exterminator. The clerk finally does the correct thing and calls in an exterminator. The exterminator agrees it is definitely a bed bug. He checks the room and does not find any in the mattresses, however find them behind the headboards which were actually screwed to the walls. My mom went to the doctor and got a prescription for some medicine to help with the reaction she was having to the bites. The hotel switched their room but never provided them with any compensation for all the aggravation! The hotel and hotel room, as well were very unkept and not well maintained. Obviously, my parents would not recommend this hotel to ANYONE! I was amazed at how terribly they handled the situation!!

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