Little America Hotel
500 S Main St
Salt Lake City, UT
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

Please remember this site does not check the veracity of any bedbug reports.

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March 10, 2013. Woke up with a serious rash over hands and feet (only exposed areas). Noticed tiny dried dots of blood on sheets. Was concerned it might be the dreaded bed bugs and had only booked at the hotel because the only report had been disputed. I was checking out, in a hurry because of day light savings time change and there were a lot of people at the front desk so I emailed the hotel with my concern. To be fair I told them that it could have been bed bugs or perhaps harsh chemicals on

the sheets because the rash was so severe I couldn't see bites. I did give them my name and room number. Upon arriving home I treated the rash and it quickly went away but there were obvious tiny bite marks. I would have followed up and let them know that I had bite marks but the hotel never bothered to contact me. Disappointing in such a beautiful and expensive hotel.

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I am a convention account manager and personally conducted a site inspection of the Little America 3 weeks ago. My rooms was above standards and I did not encounter any bedbug problems. My stay was exceptional and the service was superb. I will definitely return to this hotel for our conference in October and future events in SLC.

I am the General Manager for Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. I would like to dispute this post about our hotel having bed bugs. I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 35 years, and while I am well aware that bed bugs exist, neither I nor my staff has received any complaints about bed bugs during the time period this post was added to this website (2/2011).

Due to the fact that this person posted the claim anonymously and also did not inform management of this incide

nt, it is painfully evident to me that this is a false and malicious post that damages the reputation of our hotel.

Little America Hotel is a favorite hotel of locals, business travelers and those attending meetings and conventions. We strive to provide the utmost care and cleanliness for all of our guests. If ever a guest has a question or concern about our hotel, it will receive immediate attention.

Warm regards,
Ed Box
General Manager

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We stayed recently at this hotel. Our first room was unacceptable for reasons other than bedbugs and we had never encountered bedbugs before so didn't know where the bites came from until we were transferred and in the second room also got bitten. This was in the part of the hotel that is NOT the tower area, in what I would call the motel part of the hotel.

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