Holiday Inn Austin-Town Lake - Hotel
20 N Interstate 35
Austin, TX 78701-4325

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I inspected the room for bugs just after check in (as always). Both beds in the room were COVERED with the little black stains indicative of bed bugs. However, I did not see any bugs. The markings were enough for me to ask for a different room. The new room in a different part of the hotel had new mattresses.

The Hoiday Inn Austin Town Lake does not have a bed bug infestation. Like just about every other hotel in the nation, we have had guest report bed bugs.

When we receive a report, the room is taken out of service along with both adjacent rooms and the rooms below and above. Our exterminator, Ecolab is called in every case and make the determination if bed bugs are present.

In the majority of cases, no bed bugs are found. If they are found, a three day treatment is begun with spray and fog

consistent with indoor eradication of bed bugs. Once this process is complete, the mattresses and headboard will be discarded to assure that no bugs or eggs remain. Mattresses are covered in plastic prior to removal. The rooms will once again be inspected by Ecolab before they are put back in service.

We take bed bugs seriously. It is always worth the expense of extermination if they are found. They usually arrive in or on the luggage of travelers who picked them up elsewhere and they are a pest of international scope. Few hotels today can say they have not been effected.

Thanks for your concern and we can assure you that we do all that is needed to assure our guests receive a pest free stay.

Management, Holiday Inn Austin Town Lake

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This property is infested. If you drive around to the back loading dock you can usually see several mattresses left out, which is the extent of the extermination management has done: bedbugs reported in a room, mattress is left outside for a couple days, then back into a room.

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