Hilton Austin
500 E 4th St
Austin, TX

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We stayed on 11/2 at the top floor and when we woke up in the morning, found a dead bed bug in the bed. Security came and confirmed. Completely disgusting. We will never stay there again.

stayed 6/17 and woke up with welts on my legs...stayed in highest floor...would avoid this hotel

We checked into the Hotel 11-11-2012 for the EMS Conference. We stayed the first night and then was locked out of our room the next day. When we followed up we were told we had to be moved to another room to "work on a pipe." When we entered the room to pack our things the entire bed was stripped of everything including the bed skirt. Obviously house keeping had found bed bugs. (We were never made aware of this.)We were then transferred to another room and my boyfriend woke up the next day with

dozens of bed bug bites. Head to toe. When we reported them they never acknowledged there was a bed bug problem. Not once. They offered to buy bug bite cream though. Im sure all the formula one fans piling into that hotel will enjoy the complementary infestation!

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Following up on my report earlier today, the Hilton has agreed to refund the entire cost of my stay and they are having the room treated by their third party pest control contractor.

I was attending a conference and checked into the hotel on May 6, 2012. I noticed the first bite the next day, but assumed it was a mosquito bite. I noticed more the next two days, but as I had not spent very much time outside while in Austin and none of the people I had been around seemed to have mosquito bites, I started to get worried that they could be bed bug bites. So I checked around the edge of my mattress for any sign of bugs, but did not find anything. Nonetheless, I did not sleep very

well. When I woke up this morning I had additional new bites and again I had not slept very well. So I checked the mattress again. This time I lifted up the mattress and saw brown debris between the mattress and box spring that looked like bug shells. Then I started to remove the sheets and mattress cover from the bed and saw a rather large bed bug scurry across the top of the sheets. I grabbed my camera and took some pictures before the bug went back under the mattress. If I was not rushing to leave for my flight I would have further removed the mattress cover and looked for more bugs, but I had to go.

So I checked out and told the man at the front desk what happened. He immediately removed a meal charge from my bill, but 3 days at the Hilton is still a pretty expensive bill. I left my email address and asked to have someone get in touch with me to discuss the situation. Yesterday evening I received an email from the Hilton Austin Director of Security who said they had contacted their third party pest control company to come out and inspect. I sent him the photos of the bug as well as some photos of the bites on my arms and neck. I am waiting for a response.

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I stayed at Hilton Austin (downtown) during a conference in 2009 Oct 5-9- I woke up with little bites and my co-worker who I was sharing a room with had bites. It was a little humid, so we didn't realize it was bed bugs but thought It was mosquitoes instead.

Well, these little suckers came home with me to New York and now my apartment is infested.

Thanks for nothing Hilton!

Stayed for 3 nights at the Hilton Austin downtown August 16-18, 2011. Started having itchy areas on lower legs and arms. Chains of 2-4 small red, raised welts (the so-called breakfast, lunch and dinner lesions) characteristic of bed-bugs. They are itchy as heck. I know they are a new epidemic but damned if I want to be a nighttime buffet. Thankfully they are not a vector for disease.

I heard a gun shot and woke up and then noticed some red dots on my legs. Then while I was looking at the dead body and the police officers in the street, I found a live specimen on the curtain and another one on the baseboard.

I called the front desk and they insisted that these are sugar ants and they sent some one to spray the room with some roach killer pestcides.

Luckily, I am an entomologist and I conduct research on bedbug control so I pull out my ipad, showed them some pictures an

d convinced them to change my room...they waved the charge and gave me a free breakfast but even in the new room I can trace some signs of bedbug presence.

Not really happy with this but I am stuck here for the rest of the week because of the conference I am attending and thanks to that, everywhere else is fully booked!

I took some pictures and documented the story!

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Bad bed bug infestation

I went to Austin for a conference. I woke up tfrom the first night sleep with a few itchy red dots on my leg. They look like mosquito bites. I received more the second night. I was in room 1036. I am bummed

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